Events included in Asia/Pacific ELO

Here are the events included in the Asia/Pacific ELO rankings. If you believe there is a mistake or missing tournament, please email me at

DateNamePlayer CountLocation
1/20/2023CanCon – Star Wars: Legion 202350
11/12/2022World Open Qualifier- Sydney 202233New South Wales, Australia
10/1/2022Star Wars Legion MOAB 202224New South Wales, Australia
9/18/20222ndLegionSC SW Legion20Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
8/21/2022Star Wars Legion16Ringwood, Victoria, Australia
8/20/2022Oceanic League Legion Grand Championships Invite 2 Day Event27Annerly, Queensland, Australia
8/6/2022Beyond Odyssey Regular Ole Legion Event26Balcatta, Western Australia, Australia
7/15/2022SW Legion @Wintercon 202229Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
7/2/2022Star Wars Legion – Queensland States16Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
7/2/2022Tales of the Outer Rim14Adelaide, Australia
6/4/2022NSW/ACT State Championship25Padstow, New South Wales, Australia
5/14/2022WA Grand Championship17Perth, Western Australia, Australia
4/23/2022Briscon Legion 202220Mt Gravatt, Queensland, Australia
4/18/2022Duel of the Fates Beyond Odyssey 800pts Legion20Australia
4/9/2022Clash of the Titans 202219Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
3/20/2022Star Wars Legion 800pts March16Perth, Western Australia, Australia
2/2/2022Star Wars Legion Oceanic Championship13Salisbury Heights, South Australia, Australia
1/22/2022Can Con Legion44
12/12/2021Northern Boards Star Wars Legion18Perth, Western Australia, Australia
10/24/2021Northern Boards Legion Tournament15Perth, Western Australia, Australia
7/24/2021Jawathon14Perth, Western Australia, Australia
7/10/2021Legion – Sub – Primes16Australian Capital Territory, Australia
2/20/2021Annihilation of Naboo18Wellington, New Zealand
12/12/2020Legion Prime Champs17Australian Capital Territory, Australia
11/28/2020RC Crew Legion Casual Event16Condell Park, New South Wales, Australia
7/11/2020Manawatu Star Wars Legion20Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand
3/1/2020Prime Championship @ The Games Cube10Australia
2/16/2020Warrior Lodge / Phoenix Games Star Wars Day – Legion14Warner, Queensland, Australia
1/25/2020CanCon 202046Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
11/9/2019BVC RPQ SOS14Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
11/9/2019BVC – Rally Point Qualifier 201914Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
10/27/2019HOW – 2019 Grand Championship Final4Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
10/26/2019HOW – 2019 Grand Championship24Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
10/5/2019Maximum Firepower MOAB32Australia
9/14/2019Rally Point Qualifier13Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
8/24/2019GGK RPQ12Kallangur, Queensland, Australia
7/14/2019Legion RPQ9NSW, Australia
6/1/2019HOW – STAR WARS LEGION: RALLYPOINT QUALIFIER12Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
5/26/2019BVC Star Wars Legion – Store Champs Tournament #190214Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
5/25/2019Legion Rally Point Qualifier10nan
5/5/2019Legion Hyperspace Rally at Rebel Outpost20Wyong NSW, Australia
4/27/2019BrisCon 2019 Star Wars Legion16Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
4/22/2019Operation Gathering Forces – SW Legion14Greensborough, Victoria, Australia