Events included in North American ELO

Here are the events included in the North America ELO rankings. If you believe there is a mistake or missing tournament, please email me at
DateNamePlayer CountLocation
2/11/23Dust Bowl Battles Legion Unplugged February Event20Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
2/4/2023Da Boyz presents: The Nick Bodnar appreciation tournament!34Schenectady, New York, United States
1/27/2023Las Vegas Open Grand Championship143Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
12/3/20225280 Winter Championship @ Total Escape Games28Colorado, United States
12/2/2022PAX Unplugged 2022 Legion Championship56Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/19/2022First Turn Games Legion Cup Event35Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
11/19/2022Atomic Empire Star Wars Legion Tournament November24Durham, North Carolina, United States
11/12/2022Kingpin 220New York
11/5/2022Golden State Games World Qualifier26California, United States
11/5/2022Ursa Open November 202220Waco, Texas, United States
11/3/2022Star Wars Legion – At Ease22California, United States
10/29/2022Star Wars Legion 800pt Tournament @ Inconcievable! Toys and Games31Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
10/23/2022SoCal Open 2022 Star Wars Legion23San Diego, California, USA
10/22/20222022 3ft Good QC Fall Brawl22Davenport, Iowa, USA
10/22/2022SoCal Open 2022 Star Wars Legion34San Diego, California, USA
10/22/2022Star Wars: Legion Worlds Open Qualifier 2022 Nordics Aalborg Denmark45Aalborg, Nordjylland, Denmark
10/22/2022Storm in and Smackdown31Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
10/15/2022Saint-Lawrence Open 2022 Legion31Abyss, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
10/1/2022King of the Kastle!20Iowa, United States
10/1/2022Michigan GT 202225Vermilion, Ohio, USA
9/24/2022Circle City Cup 1st Annual20Noblesville, Indiana, USA
9/17/2022War for Wausau 09/17/202220Wausau, Wisconsin
9/4/2022NOVA Open Star Wars: Legion Finals8Crystal City, Virginia, USA
9/3/2022NOVA Open Star Wars: Legion Heat 133Crystal City, Virginia, USA
9/2/2022NOVA Open Star Wars: Legion Heat 236Crystal City, Virginia, USA
8/27/2022Star Wars Legion Tournament @ Tacticon 202240Aurora, Colorado, USA
8/20/2022Star Wars Legion at Showcase, August 202220Swathmore, Pennsylvania, USA
8/18/2022Legion Millennium Games 8/2020Rochester, New York, USA
8/13/2022Dust Bowl Battles August 202221Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
8/7/2022GenCon – AMG Star Wars 2022 World Open Qualifier – Star Wars: Legion – Heat 17Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
8/5/2022GenCon – AMG Star Wars 2022 World Open Qualifier – Star Wars: Legion – Heat 143Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
8/4/2022GenCon – AMG Star Wars 2022 World Open Qualifier – Star Wars: Legion – Heat 125Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
7/30/2022July Star Wars Legion at Gamer’s Guild20Phoenix, Arizona, USA
7/24/2022Lone Star Open 2022 Champion Bracket8Allen, Texas, USA
7/24/2022Lone Star Open 2022 Redemption Bracket34Allen, Texas, USA
7/23/2022Lone Star Open 2022 Day 152Allen, Texas, USA
7/23/2022Luminous Gaming Open24St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
7/23/2022Red Clay City SW Legion ELO Tournament27Vermillion, Ohio, USA
7/23/2022The Wizard’s Chest Inaugural20Denver, Colorado, USA
7/9/2022Summer Smackdown26Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
6/12/2022Star Wars Legion ACO 2022 Top Cut8Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
6/11/2022Star Wars Legion ACO 2022 Heat 225Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
6/10/2022Star Wars Legion ACO 2022 Heat 122Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
5/29/2022Legion By The Bay – Day 28San Francisco, California, USA
5/28/2022Rocky Top, Battle for Endor51Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
5/28/2022Legion By The Bay – Day 121San Francisco, California, USA
5/27/2022Richmond Open 2022 Star Wars Legion21Richmond, Virginia, USA
5/14/2022Atomic Empire Legion Tournament20Durham, North Carolina, USA
5/14/2022Misty Mountain Spring Legion Tournament20Madison, Wisconsin, USA
5/7/2022Wasatch Open30Salt Lake, Utah, USA
4/30/2022Star Wars Legion – Dallas Open46Flower Mound, Texas, USA
4/30/2022Smackdown for the Cause!26Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
4/30/2022Legion Spring Championship 2022 @ Total Escape Games – Hosted by 5280 Legion28Broomfield, Colorado, USA
4/23/2022Star Wars Legion: Sunshine State Open25Tampa, Florida, USA
4/2/2022Star Wars Legion at Showcase20Swathmore, Pennsylvania, USA
3/26/2022Adepticon 2022 Day 237Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
3/25/2022Adepticon 2022 Day 1118Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
3/12/2022Tampa Open: Takodana Tussle26Tampa, Florida, USA
2/27/2022Cherokee Open Star Wars Legion Redemption Bracket25Cherokee, North Carolina, USA
2/26/2022Cherokee Open Star Wars Legion Championship45Cherokee, North Carolina, USA
2/26/2022Genghis Con 2022 – 800 pt Star Wars Legion Tournament27Aurora, Colorado, USA
2/19/2022Canto Bight Cup50Verona, New York, USA
1/29/2022Las Vegas Open 2022 SW: Legion Championships Saturday Cut46Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1/28/2022Las Vegas Open 2022 SW: Legion Championships92Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1/22/2022Revenge of the Smackdown!20Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
12/11/2021PAX Unplugged 202122Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
11/20/2021Star Wars Legion Tournament @ Total Escape Games – Hosted By 5280 Legion24Broomfield, Colorado, USA
10/24/2021SoCal Open Redemption 202126San Diego, California, USA
10/23/2021SoCal Open 202145San Diego, California, USA
7/25/2021Lone Star Open Redemption 202148Allen, Texas, USA
7/24/2021Lone Star Open 202156Allen, Texas, USA
6/26/2021Borderlands Star Wars Legion Tournament20Greenville, South Carolina, USA
6/13/2021Atlantic City Open 2021 SE8Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
6/12/2021Atlantic City Open 2021 Heat 228Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
6/11/2021Atlantic City Open 2021 Heat 121Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
5/2/2021Dallas Open 2021 SE8Dallas, Texas, USA
5/1/2021Dallas Open 2021 Swiss36Dallas, Texas, USA
2/29/2020Prime Championship @ The Perky Nerd11Burbank, California, USA
2/29/2020Prime Championship @ The Gift of Games16Grayslake, Illinois, USA
2/29/2020Prime Championship @ Montag’s Games20Houston, Texas, USA
2/29/2020Prime Championship @ The Game Shoppe19Omaha, Nebraska, USA
2/22/2020Prime Championship @ A Muse N Games13Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2/22/2020Prime Championship @ Chaos, Games, and More26Pueblo, Colorado, USA
2/22/2020Prime Championship @ FFG Game Center14Roseville, Minnesota, USA
2/22/2020Prime Championship @ Dicehead Games16Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
2/15/2020Prime Championship @ Board Game Barrister24Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2/15/2020Prime Championship @ Hooded Goblin24Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
2/15/2020Prime Championship @ Critical Hit Games22St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
2/8/2020Prime Championship @ Hard Knox Games20Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA
2/8/2020Prime Championship @ The Realm Games & Comics7Brea, California, USA
2/8/2020Prime Championship @ Relentless Dragon16Derry, New Hampshire, USA
2/8/2020Prime Championship @ Giga Bites Café20Marietta, Georgia, USA
2/8/2020Prime Championship @ Misty Mountain Games32Madison, Wisconsin, USA
2/1/2020Prime Championship @ Magic Stronghold8Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2/1/2020Prime Championship @ The Game Shoppe16Bellevue, Nebraska, USA
2/1/2020Prime Championship @ Millenium Games13Rochester, New York, USA
2/1/2020Prime Championship @ Tabletop Game and Hobby9Overland Park, Kansas, USA
1/26/2020LVO 2020 Finals8Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1/25/2020LVO 2020 Saturday Heat54Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1/25/2020GT SW Legion Prime20Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
1/24/2020LVO 2020 Friday Heat60Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1/18/2020Prime Championship @ Zakeda12Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
1/18/2020Prime Championship @ Huzzah Hobbies19Ashburn, Virginia, USA
1/11/2020Rally Point Qualifier @ Snake Eyes Gaming9Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
1/11/2020Prime Championship @ GameStorm31Lemont, Illinois, USA
1/11/2020Prime Championship @ SciFi City20Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
1/11/2020Prime Championship @ Little Big Wars10Fargo, North Dakota, USA
1/11/2020Prime Championship @ Total Escape Games26Broomfield, Colorado, USA
1/11/2020Prime Championship @ Game Kastle8Mountai View, California, USA
1/4/2020Games U Prime Championship19Gilbert, Arizona, USA
1/4/2020Star Wars Legion Prime Championship13Seminole, Florida, USA
12/21/2019Game Kastle Sacramento Legion Prime15Sacramento, California, USA
12/14/2019Legion Prime10Ravenna, Ohio, USA
12/14/2019Star Wars Legion Prime Championship14San Diego, California, USA
12/14/2019Star Wars Legion Rallypoint Qualifier11Wasau, Wisconsin, USA
12/8/2019PAX Unplugged18
12/7/2019Gameology Legion Prime11California, USA
12/7/2019Legino Rallypoint8
11/30/2019Flints Prime Championship15Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
11/23/2019GEG Star Wars Legion Prime Championship17Sacramento, California, USA
11/16/2019Prime Championships12Boise, Idaho, USA
11/16/2019Rally Point Qualifier @ Hooded Goblin24Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
11/9/2019Saugus RPQ14Derry, New Hampshire, USA
11/8/2019Warfaire Weekend Grand Championship23
10/27/2019CAPA Cup22USA
10/26/2019Dueling Grounds RPQ6Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
10/19/2019GameStorm Prime Championship22Chicago, Illinois, USA
9/21/2019D6 RPQ10Rochester, Minnesota, USA
9/21/2019Rally Point Qualifier17Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
8/24/2019Canadian Grand Championship16Canada
8/24/2019GT Rallypoint Qualifiers12Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
8/24/2019Winnipeg Rallypoint Qualifier 201912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
8/11/2019Magic Stronghold RPQ10North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
8/11/2019The Wizards Chest Rally Point Qualifier Day 211Denver, Colorado, USA
8/10/2019Gameology Rallypoint Qualifier18California, USA
8/10/2019Games and Stuff Rallypoint23Odenton, Maryland, USA
8/10/2019The Wizards Chest Rally Point Qualifier Day 111Denver, Colorado, USA
8/3/2019Gen Con Continental Championship Day 28Indianopolis, Indiana, USA
8/3/2019Rallypoint Qualifier-Beyond the Dungeon18Spring, Texas, USA
8/2/2019Gen Con Continental Championship Day 1B28Indianopolis, Indiana, USA
8/1/2019Gen Con Continental Championship Day 1A31Indianopolis, Indiana, USA
7/21/2019Galactic Qualifier14
7/20/2019The Game Shoppe RPQ15Nebraska, USA
7/13/2019Games U Rally Point Qualifier21Gilbert, Arizona, USA
7/13/2019Legion at ATC16Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
6/22/2019Rally Point Qualifier Independence MO16Independence, Missouri, USA
6/22/2019Legion Rallypoint Qualifier4Concord, North Carolina, USA
6/22/2019Star Wars Rally Point10Boise, Idaho, USA
6/22/2019Madison, WI18Madison, Wisconsin, USA
6/15/2019Table Warriors GT 201915Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
6/15/2019Rally Point Qualifier10Livermore, California, USA
6/8/2019Rallypoint Qualifier16
6/7/2019Northeast Open40New York, USA
5/26/2019Legion By The Bay 2019 – Day 28California, USA
5/25/2019Star Wars Legion Rallypoint Qualifier17Prescott, AZ, USA
5/25/2019Legion By The Bay 2019 – Day 130California, USA
5/11/2019Star Wars: Legion Rallypoint Qualifier13Kansas, USA
5/11/2019GEEK OUT RALLY POINT QUALIFIER MAY 201921Burleson, Texas, USA
3/31/2019Adepticon High Command32Illinois, USA
3/30/2019Adepticon Last Chance Qualifier63Illinois, USA
2/8/2019Las Vegas Open62Las Vegas, Nevada, USA