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Evan Paul’s Blog Dump Before Adepticon

Hello! I’m Evan Paul...author, dreamweaver, visionary, this sentence exists because the SEO says I’m supposed [...]

Top 4 Predictions For What The Hell That Shatterpoint Diagram Is

Of mankind’s many mysteries, the meaning of the content of this card…is surely among them. [...]

Cherokee Open Top 8 Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the undefeated and one-loss lists from last weekend’s Cherokee Open! [...]

Weathering The Blizzard for Worlds

We now know that this chill upon the meta will persist until the end of [...]

Rapid Reactions: Asajj Ventress

Atomic Mass has now previewed Dooku’s apprentice, let’s take a look! Ok I have a [...]

Ranking the Units by Canon “Accuracy:” Republic

I’ve been avoiding this for over a year. Hi I’m Evan Paul, the other Evan [...]

Doc Velo Picks Your List’s Theme Song (2023 Edition)

My bosses are on break, so it’s time to to once again stretch the limits [...]

Rapid Reactions: 🎵 On the FOURTH day of “New Rules” AMG gave to me…🎵

Atomic Mass has dropped their fourth and final article previewing the new rulebook, and this [...]

Rapid Reactions: 🎵 On the THIRD day of “New Rules” AMG gave to me…🎵

Today Atomic Mass released their third of four promised articles, and you can bet we [...]

Rapid Reactions: 🎵 On the SECOND day of “New Rules” AMG gave to me…🎵

Today we got the second of four promised articles from Atomic Mass that preview the [...]