Star Wars: Legion Asia/Pacific ELO Rankings

The following ELO ratings are calculated using 1592 games of 800pt Legion collected from Official OP Events, FLG Events, and other sufficiently competitive tournaments from the Asia/Pacific region with at least 14 participants. This only includes in person tournaments (no TTS). Here is the list of all the tournaments factored into this ranking. A player must play a minimum of 10 recorded games to be included in the rankings.

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Change in ELO ratings works as follows:
-if you beat someone with higher rating than you, you will gain a lot and they will lose a lot (since this is an unexpected outcome)
-if you lose to someone with higher rating than you, you will lose a little and they will gain a little (expected outcome)
-if you beat someone with lower rating than you, you will gain a little and they will lose a little (expected outcome)
-if you lose to someone with lower rating than you, you will lose a lot and they will gain a lot (unexpected outcome)

last update: 2/21/2023

RankNameELOELO ChangeMatchesTeam
1Mitch Kazmierczak1698043Fresh Off Kamino
2Steven Gibb1661037C4 Squad
3Aaron Smetzer1506025
5Ed Willson1456-2911
6Daniel Downing137715149C4 Squad
7David Bortels1374-3019
8James Brett13724639
10Adam Brown131912242C4 Squad
11The Marcolorian1310-2922
12Dion Philbey1310-2714
13James Rutledge12957828
14Paul Wray1253025Fresh Off Kamino
15Leigh Callahan 12527817
16Greg Capel12485244Fresh Off Kamino
17Nick Ward 1244-2610
19Rex Savage1213021
20Chris Swain1212-3019
21Courtney Long1200-2833
22Jono T12007720
23Todd Wallace1196015
24Lachlan Gleave1195637C4 Squad
25Jason Willett1193-3017
26Tristan Sampson1191NEW12
27Alex Forbes1177-3017
28Daniel Gow1155018
29Alec Pachecki1143034Fresh Off Kamino
30Aedon foster1139423
31Stuart Dundas1137-2720Fresh Off Kamino
32Morgan Best1126-2927
33Luke Keanelly1109017
34Fletcher Hinton 1106-3012
35Bryan Gagen1094028
36Dan Jones1094NEW10
37Tristan Bruyn1092-3015
38Matt Ollett1073033
39Bryant Wells1063022
40Aleks Misic1055NEW10
41Alexander Nazarov1051019
43Ben Jordan10371645C4 Squad
44Gareth Broadhurst1027010
45Nick Fraser1027NEW10C4 Squad
46Adam Wiseman1025-3021
47Jack Parkes1003NEW10C4 Squad
48Shannon Cable997-2912
49Jeremy Cooper982-2431
50David Rea97413124
51Andrew Allen973-3020
52Jack Manea971010
53Tony Knox9684837
54Ben Zagami965NEW13
55Samuel Iveson945010
56Damien Baker940-2920
57Tim Webb935024
58Michael T928-3520
59Ben Wynn9276421
60Jack Tunks927-2915Fresh Off Kamino
61Matt Heal923-3017
62Jim McLaren915-2924
63Mitchell Morgan 906NEW10
64Patrick G889030C4 Squad
65Rhett Eldred877-3010
66Joshua Shoobridge851024
67Michael O’Connor849-3016
68Tom Branford843520
69Chris Kushman837012
70Lachlan Heyhorn8147724
71Robert Anderson811020
72Jason cook808-3010
73Morgan Lowrie802-3013
74Donovan Barreira799-3010
75Joseph Simeone686-1625
76Rogue Leader683017
77James McMillan660012
78Curtis Coggins(Coggo88)658NEW10C4 Squad