Star Wars: Legion Asia/Pacific ELO Rankings

The following ELO ratings are calculated using 1290 games of 800pt Legion collected from Official OP Events, FLG Events, and other sufficiently competitive tournaments from the Asia/Pacific region with at least 14 participants. This only includes in person tournaments (no TTS). Here is the list of all the tournaments factored into this ranking. A player must play a minimum of 10 recorded games to be included in the rankings.

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Change in ELO ratings works as follows:
-if you beat someone with higher rating than you, you will gain a lot and they will lose a lot (since this is an unexpected outcome)
-if you lose to someone with higher rating than you, you will lose a little and they will gain a little (expected outcome)
-if you beat someone with lower rating than you, you will gain a little and they will lose a little (expected outcome)
-if you lose to someone with lower rating than you, you will lose a lot and they will gain a lot (unexpected outcome)

last update: 9/6/2022

1Mitch Kazmierczak167537
3Ed Willson148411
4Steven Gibb147315
5Aaron Smetzer145922
6David Bortels140219
7The Marcolorian133922
8Dion Philbey133714
9James Brett133229
10Nick Ward 126910
12Chris Swain124119
13Courtney Long122733
14Jason Willett122217
15Alex Forbes120617
16Lachlan Gleave120127
17Daniel Downing119334
18Greg Capel117629
19Leigh Callahan 117412
20Stuart Dundas116320
21Morgan Best115527
22Paul Wray115220
23Fletcher Hinton 113512
24Daniel Gow113413
25Bryan Gagen112328
26Jono T112215
27Tristan Bruyn111915
28Rex Savage111113
29Adam Brown111027
30Bryant Wells108614
31Aedon foster107518
33Ben Jordan105935
34Adam Wiseman105421
35James Rutledge102714
36Shannon Cable102612
37Alec Pachecki100729
38Jeremy Cooper100531
39Andrew Allen100220
40Jack Manea99210
41Samuel Iveson97410
42Tony Knox97022
43Damien Baker96920
44Michael T96315
45Jim McLaren96014
46Matt Ollett95928
47Jack Tunks95615
48Matt Heal95217
49Tim Webb94119
50Tom Branford91810
51Rhett Eldred90610
52Robert Anderson90012
53Evan Teasdale89611
54David Rea89414
55Michael O’Connor87916
56Ben Wynn86811
57Chris Kushman86112
58Will Anderson 84610
59Jason cook83710
60Morgan Lowrie83113
61Donovan Barreira82910
62Patrick Gough82720
63Joshua Shoobridge75019
64Rogue Leader71217
65Lachlan Heyhorn71014
66James McMillan68912
67Joseph Simeone65816