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Ranking the Battle Forces by Canon “Accuracy”

Star Wars: Legion has EIGHT Battle Forces now, and it’s high time we pass judgment [...]

Star Wars Shatterpoint: Review

I took my time to get a thorough feel for it as well as a [...]

Should We Replace Doc Velo with ChatGPT?

In a nod to American folklore and man’s industrious spirit, I (Jay) have decided to [...]

This Balance Change Was Great, and We Can Still Aim Higher

The recent points adjustment was thoughtful and appropriate, but Atomic Mass Games can improve things [...]

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Mandalorian Season 3: Favreaustein’s Monster (SPOILERS)

Andor let us imagine what Star Wars television can be, but The Mandalorian’s third season [...]

APRIL FOOLS: Star Wars: Shatterpoint (Full Release Review)

EDIT: Now that enough time has passed, we hope you enjoyed this April Fool’s joke, [...]


2023 Legion World Championships Top 8 And Recap

After four long years, Legion finally has a new World Champion…or does it?.  Let’s check [...]


Evan Paul’s Blog Dump Before Adepticon

Hello! I’m Evan Paul...author, dreamweaver, visionary, this sentence exists because the SEO says I’m supposed [...]


Top 4 Predictions For What The Hell That Shatterpoint Diagram Is

Of mankind’s many mysteries, the meaning of the content of this card…is surely among them. [...]

Cherokee Open Top 8 Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the undefeated and one-loss lists from last weekend’s Cherokee Open! [...]