Star Wars: Legion – Attack Dice Simulator

On this page you will find the attack dice simulator, which can be used to simulate the results of any attack pool for Star Wars: Legion. Here is how it works:

You input your variables, including dice, dodge, cover, aim, etc.

The simulator rolls dice and applies the variables 25,000 times.

The simulator will spit out the percent chance of a certain number of hits/wounds for each target type (armor, no armor, red/white defense die, etc.), as well as the average hits/wounds for each target.

How to use the simulator:

Enter the variables you want. Only enter variables into the green cells.

Push the “pew pew” button when you are done entering variables.



Surge: Hit, Crit, or Miss

Impact: Impact value of the dice pool

Pierce: Pierce value of the dice pool

Cover: Cover of your target. Enter 1 or 2. If your dice pool has Blast, adjust the cover value accordingly (i.e., just enter 0 into this field)

Dodge: Number of dodge tokens the target has

Aim: Number of aim tokens as part of your aim (if any). Normally, this will be 1 (if aiming) or 0 if not aiming.

SharpSh: Value of the unit’s sharpshooter keyword. This will reduce the cover of the target.

Precise: Value of the unit’s precise keyword, if any.

Dice: Enter the number of dice of each type here.

Unit name: Whatever you want to name your unit/loadout that you are testing.


Download the Attack Simulator

Damage-Simulator-v2 By Kyle Dornbos and Optimized by Screwtape

Important: Do not delete the Template or Calc tabs!

This tool is publicly available and designed to be used by anybody that finds it helpful. I would just ask if you use any numbers derived from the sim for any articles or other publications, please cite Kyle Dornbos and Screwtape and link this page.


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