Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats

Before I start talking about the status of the mats I first want to thank everyone who has placed an order! I am very excited about the response we have had so far! Now to business... For those of you that have ordered either the Mud Planet or...

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Kickstarters Anonymous Part 2 – When designing in an echo chamber you only hear yourself.

I began this game as I am sure most creators do with an idea and a lot of passion. Even though the final product was themed as an office game, it originally started as a space-based game about getting resources from planets.

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Getting minis table ready for Star Wars: Legion Pt 1

Before we begin, I’d like to start with a disclaimer – I am in no way a master painter. I am just like you, a dude with limited time who wants to get my minis table ready. With that said and expectations set, let’s talk about how I get my minis table ready with limited amount of time.

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Kickstarters Anonymous Part 1 – Supply is demanding …

Hi, my name is Jay Shelanskey and I am a Kickstarter failure. <Crowd> Hi Jay… I had it all… a game idea, artwork, playtests and a marketing plan. How could I fail? Well, I think my first real failure was right in the beginning. I thought (with my background in marketing) that I could treat...

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