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Winning the Midgame: Timing the End of a Struggle

In the past, I’ve gone deep on the first few turns of both Shifting Priorities [...]

Shatterpoint Dice Simulator

Welcome to the Shatterpoint dice simulator! Remember to select a stance after changing characters. If [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: Jedi Master Luminara Unduli

Updated January 2024 Luminara is one of the more contentious units in Shatterpoint thus far. [...]

Downside Mitigation & Unit Evaluation

After many months with no new releases, a pile of new plastic is coming in [...]

First Annual Shatterpoint Check-In (Tier List Time!)

I love tier lists. Not only are they easily digestible and thought provoking, but I [...]

One Guide to Rule Them All: Sabotage Showdown

November 3, 2023 was a momentous day for Star Wars: Shatterpoint. It marked the release [...]

Shifting Priorities – First Struggle Strategies

As first player, which midline objectives should you attack on turn 1? How should second [...]

The Great Condition Debate: Which is Best?

As far as I understand it, old timey philosophers would explore topics by presenting two [...]

Ministravaganza 2023 Shatterpoint Round-Up

Well, another packed Ministravaganza weekend is in the books. Though it focused on multiple AMG [...]

How to Build Better Strike Teams (Maybe)

On the surface, building a strike team in Shatterpoint is pretty straightforward. You only need [...]