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I Like Those Odds: Breaking Down the Third Objective

Before we begin, I have a small rant inspired by the name of this article: [...]

Trust the Force: Disobeying Our Shatterpoint Heuristics

I feel like it’s been a while since I did a pure tactics article, and [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: Naboo Royal Handmaidens

Updated April 2024 In the immortal words of hip hop duo Kris Kross, “We commence [...]

How Much is One Die Worth?

Contrary to what the title may imply, I’m not fishing for an appraisal on my [...]

Legion Worlds 2024 – Top 8 Lists

I know I don’t usually write Legion articles, but I recently received a mysterious hologram [...]


Shatterpoint Spoilers and Rapid Reactions – Adepticon 2024

Adepticon 2024 came to a close on Sunday. For those of us lucky enough to [...]

Getting the Most Out of Premiere

As someone who has recently started making YouTube videos, I have learned a lot about [...]

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Winning the Midgame: Timing the End of a Struggle

In the past, I’ve gone deep on the first few turns of both Shifting Priorities [...]

Shatterpoint Dice Simulator

Welcome to the Shatterpoint dice simulator! Remember to select a stance after changing characters. If [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: Jedi Master Luminara Unduli

Updated January 2024 Luminara is one of the more contentious units in Shatterpoint thus far. [...]