DWG Bases – Paneled


Custom bases for your miniatures! In accordance with official FFG tournament rules, acceptance by your local marshal is not guaranteed, but they have been accepted in many high tier tournaments. Calibrate your printer settings by test printing and measuring against an actual FFG base for best accuracy and acceptance.

Recomended for use with Star Wars: Legion.

For personal use only.

Files included: 27mm Paneled 1, 27mm Paneled 2, 50mm Paneled 1, 50mm Paneled 2, 70mm Paneled 1, 70mm Paneled 2, 100mm Paneled 1, 100mm Paneled 2

Minimum print space required for intended size: 101 x 101mm 

Sold By: Dan Wulf
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DWG Bases – Paneled