David Lawson is the man behind Imperial Terrain, which I’m sure most of us are familiar with, and he’s the man behind their newest project: The Cochin Industrial Kickstarter Campaign. We thought it was a prime chance to ask Dave some questions in regard to this awesome, world building project as it has taken the terrain world by storm! (at this moment it’s over $25K in support!) Let’s jump into that interview, here:

Q: Good morning, Dave! As a Star Wars Legion fanatic I know what Imperial Terrain is. For new players wondering: what is Imperial Terrain?

A: Imperial Terrain is a Sci-Fi themed terrain shop focused on 3d print files and printed terrain pieces that work very well for wargames like Legion and RPG’s. I play Legion when I have the time (Shawn Morris only beat me by one place at Gencon) and enjoy being a member of the growing community. We support the list builders, invader league, and even small tournaments when we can.

Q: Now that we know what Imperial Terrain is there’s of course the main reason for this interview. The Cochin Industrial Kickstarter Campaign! Was this something in the works for a while? What separates this Kickstarter from anything Imperial Terrain has ever done before? 

A:I have been working on the setting and files for probably 2 months before the launch of the Kickstarter. To do it right is a TON of work, and I’m learning that more and more each day the Kickstarter progresses.  From art, concept work, modeling, partnering, etc. We could have easily done a set of files and released it on our store, but then I wouldn’t have gotten 1/10th of the amazing ideas / feedback that have gone right back into the files. I have already updated most of the core files from backer feedback. Let alone, working with folks like Dominic, the Terrain Studio, Skullforge, etc.

Q: For those of us unfamiliar with Kickstarter campaigns, can you walk us through how each pledge tier functions and how all of the goals reached and still attainable goals yet to be unlocked work? 

A:Sure, it really boils down to about 3 questions.
Do you have a 3d printer and just want the files to make the terrain yourself? Go with the $40 Pledge.
Do you not own a 3d printer and want to buy already printed pieces that get delivered to you? Go with the $60 Pledge, you will also be able to add onto your order after the Kickstarter is over via a Pledge Manager.
Do you want both some printed stuff and the files because down the road you might get your own printer? Go with the $80 Pledge Level. Surprisingly this has been the most popular option!
As of this morning, we have unlocked 8x Stretch Goals. Every time the funding level surpasses dollar value the stretch goal is locked at, the stretch goal is unlocked and the files will be available to backers. Physical pledge folks will be able to buy those models printed at a special price down the road.
We still have 4x Stretch Goals left and I will continue to add more as I have plenty of ideas!

Q: As someone watching Cochin keep evolving and completing said goals I have to ask: was this crazy amount of support and success expected or are you exceeding expectations? With this success, do you see yourself launching another Kickstarter in the near future after this campaign is settled?

A: We are massively exceeding expectations which I think speaks to the setting, the work the team did, the flexibility of the terrain, etc. As far as another Kickstarter down the road, I want to do something different…not from only a setting/theme point of view but also from different production methods as well. I will definitely be working with other awesome artists again to make more than just “Here is 100 STL Files”, I know people want alot of bang for their buck, but to me its about creating an awesome setting and giving ideas, hobby tips, instruction, artwork, etc.

Q: Another big name in the terrain building for Star Wars Legion is the Terrain Studio. Shawn and crew are part of the Kickstarter with Imperial Terrain, as we can see with some awesome videos on the world building you all created together. It’s fantastic as someone involved with the community to see the two companies work together. Did you approach Shawn with the idea and how did this all come to fruition? 

A: I did approach Shawn awhile back as these things take a bit of time to make happen. I’ve known him since the game came out and always respected/admired his work and skill. I was never concerned about sending him a massive amount of product and really letting him go hog wild with it. He was great during the process, insuring he was meeting my vision and coordinating frequently. Folks will see the demo board at LVO and Adepticon this year.

Q: On the design side of things, Cochin seems to take some idea from prior Imperial Terrain pieces and some of its own ideas and forms it into one. Such as the pegs to make it modular and interchangeable. Can you give us some insight on the workings of these designs and how you got them to where they are here in the Kickstarter? Going off said design insights, why go with an Industrial style setting? 

A:We rely heavily in the Cochin setting on the OpenLOCK connection system from Printable Scenery. I needed something proven, that works quickly and without much hassle. We made some very minor changes to accommodate our designs and were off to the races. Most of the models have been through many, many iterations which I find is my best way to work instead of trying to sit down and finish it in one sitting.
Industrial style is frankly one of my favorites. There is alot of influences here from abandoned factories, shipyards, stuff from the Star Wars settings like Corellia, abandoned Coruscant and others. You can find things in the current day world that we dont see often, such as shipyards, and turn them into a very cool setting for our wargames.

Q: Any idea if Cochin will be used at any upcoming events such as Warfaire Weekend (November 8th and 9th) or the Las Vegas Open (January 24-26)? 

A: Warfaire weekend, probably not but definitely LVO. I still have to decided if I can make it up to play for Warfaire!

Q: Last but not least: Star Wars Legion is coming out with the two new factions very, very soon. Is there any kind of sneak peek of ideas you may have going forward for Imperial Terrain in conjunction with these two new factions and world building? We know the community loves teasers and speculation! 

A: We have already released our Marin City set and some Rock Scatter that would help those folks build some interesting boards. Moving forward I think you will see some new items that will help players better immerse themselves in their wargames!

We want to thank Dave and the crew so much for letting the Jedha Journal do this Q and A interview with them! I can’t recommend them enough. I am, personally, a member of their monthly STL program and Mike has been a customer of theirs in the past on way too many occasions. The quality of their files and prints are top notch. If you join their monthly program there is a Facebook group that Dave and crew update regularly. Not to mention what the interview was all about: their Kickstarter, which is just fantastic stuff. They have set up one of the best Legion-related businesses out there, and again I cannot recommend them enough!