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A Stream of Consciousness on Ahsoka Season 1 (SPOILERS)

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The Great Condition Debate: Which is Best?

As far as I understand it, old timey philosophers would explore topics by presenting two [...]

Ministravaganza 2023 Shatterpoint Round-Up

Well, another packed Ministravaganza weekend is in the books. Though it focused on multiple AMG [...]

Star Wars Shatterpoint: Review

I took my time to get a thorough feel for it as well as a [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: CC-2224 Clone Commander Cody

Updated: Jun 24 In Revenge of the Sith, Commander Cody stands in a spot, points at [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: Ahsoka Tano, Jedi No More

Updated: Jun 24 Ahsoka is character where, just reading her card, I thought “seems meh”. Then [...]

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Updated: Jun 24 Much like the TV shows, Anakin is a character who can singlehandedly take [...]

Shatterpoint Unit Guide: Asajj Ventress, Sith Assassin

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