Jedha Jank: Vandor Dreaming 1
“And the pierce came a’rollin”

Welcome to our initial installment of Jedha Jank! In this series, Zach and I will attempt to come up with an off the wall, yet functional list. Once we’ve developed an idea, we’ll explain what specific tactic or gimmick the list excels at, in an attempt to make a case for why you should give this list a shot for your next casual gaming night.

Vandor Dreaming
Jyn Erso (130) + Duck and Cover (8) + Environmental Gear (3) + A-180 Rifle Config (0) = 141
 Sabine Wren (125) + Recon Intel (2) + Electro Grappling Line (5) + The Darksaber (25) = 157
– Chewbacca (110) + Hunter (6) = 116
 Fleet Troopers (44) + Scatter Gun Trooper (23) + Rebel Officer (19) + Environmental Gear (3) = 89
 3x Rebel Troopers (40) = 120
Special Forces 
 2x Rebel Commandos (60) + DH-447 Sniper (28) = 176

Total: 799/800 



This list involves a small, 9 activation strike force led by Jyn Erso, mainly supported by Sabine and Chewbacca. The concept as whole involves Jyn and Sabine running amuck behind and in-between the opponent’s lines while Chewie takes the main body of the force into the action. Jyn’s infiltrate combines nicely with Sabine’s natural speed 3, and the two ladies can quickly begin throwing bombs and small piercing shots to draw out opponents and put pressure on normally safe objectives. Oh, and there’s six units with pierce, and four of those shoot at range three.

Chewie takes the important task for the list. As anyone who has faced a competent Chewbacca knows, killing minis in his guardian bubble, especially when they’re in cover, can be a difficult task; as you tend to become crit reliant. Killing minis is important in Legion, even more so when those minis come equipped with pierce, sharpshooter, or giant dice pools. Full commando squads and fleet troopers bring all of that to the table. 

Hopefully the concept is quickly becoming clear. Chewie, Officer Fleets, and two Hunter Commando squads with snipers bring a tremendous amount of stopping power, and not much can stop that freight train once it starts (literally) rolling. By distracting the opponent and putting pressure on areas they consider to be safe with Jyn and Sabine, you can casually push your death ball up the board until its too close for your opponent to handle. The three naked rebel troopers function as objective grabbers and filler. They basically replace the triple snipers in most meta lists, so the order pool stays functionally the same. 

The best competitive features of this list arrive in its access to pierce and relatively easy order control. Placing orders on Jyn and Sabine goes a long way to giving you great timing. Because each of your heavy hitters has pierce and either sharpshooter or a double digit dice pool, going to the bag generally means that you will be able to draw enough firepower to do some heavy, piercing damage to an enemy unit. Additionally, having four corp tokens but only one true corp attack allows you to keep the fleets flexible with their activation timing, which is crucial considering their range two attack band.

In the build up to the Northeast Open, I ran this list about five times to get an idea of how it works. I was originally taking this in an attempt to win the Golden T-47 for the jankiest list, but decided to take a competitive list instead. I encourage you to try something in this vein for your next beer and pretzels event or casual local tournament; there is also a fun variant where Han, some upgrades, and a medic replace Sabine. One of the best parts of Legion is building a fun, thematic list that specializes in a dastardly tactic, and we will try to highlight some of these over the coming months. Feel free to comment with some of your favorite Jyn Jank lists, and share the ideas with your friends!