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The First Grand Tournament United Kingdom Games Expo Grand Tournament, or UKGE GT for short, [...]

Legion’s First World Team Championships

In February 2023 I was approached by an Irishman I never had met before (the [...]

Imperial Remnant Guide

“You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you [...]

Win-rate Stat Dump: The Battle Force Meta?

In this article I’m going to be looking at Battle Forces and how they are [...]

London Grand Tournament: UK Weather Warnings!

LGT London Grand Tournament (LGT) is back again! Now, if you read last year’s article [...]

Turn 0 Deep Dive

Picture this: You’re playing in your local store/tournament/WOQ and you’re having a debrief with your [...]

MK:GT 2023

For Better or Worse The Milton Keynes Grand Tournament 2023 a.k.a MK:GT returned for another [...]

Alpha Games Store Championship

With the store championship season well underway and with the first store championship I attended [...]

UKGE – Regional World Championships

Organising and planning In the words of the legendary Murray Walker, it was Go, Go, [...]

Star Wars Galactic Conquest – Revenge of the Sixth, Element Games, UK

The 2023-2024 Star Wars Legion Championship season in the UK has officially begun starting at [...]