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Theme Songs for Star Wars: Unlimited Leaders – Spark of Rebellion

The fans have demanded more quality written content for Star Wars: Unlimited and this is [...]

Making the Most of Your Games

This article will focus on how to get the most out of your games, regardless [...]

Shadows of the Galaxy Prerelease Guide for Star Wars Unlimited TCG

Welcome back to The Fifth Trooper’s coverage of Star Wars Unlimited TCG! In past months, [...]

Choosing the right objective for your strike team

Ideally, you want a list to be decent at every objective. This is especially true [...]

An Ode to Travel, Tournaments and Vibes (UKGE)

I was incredibly privileged to recently (looks at date and how long I’ve procrastinated) travel [...]

The Atlantic City Open Legion Team Championship 2024 (with a side of solo tournament and beer pong)

The weekend of June 14-16th saw the birth of the first ever Frontline Gaming Atlantic [...]


The First Grand Tournament United Kingdom Games Expo Grand Tournament, or UKGE GT for short, [...]

Bad Batch – Rapid Reactions

This article will bring you all the takes about the newest preview unit for Star [...]

The COMPLETE 2024 Legion Buyers Guide

So, you want to get into (or further into) Legion but don’t know where to [...]

Preparing for Shadows of the Galaxy’s Release in Star Wars Unlimited

Star Wars Unlimited’s second set, Shadows of the Galaxy, will release in early July! Preview [...]