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Moff Gideon – Unit Guide

This unit guide will cover Moff Gideon: Long Live the Empire in the game, Star [...]

Rocky Top Open Top 8 Breakdown: Star Wars Legion

Homage to the Organizer Memorial Day weekend brought Star Wars Legion its largest tournament on [...]

Shatterpoint Preview: General Kenobi, You Are A Bold One!

The Hello There Squad Pack is one of the two boxes that will be released [...]

Shatterpoint: “Twice the Pride” Squad Pack Preview

Double the Excitement! Along with the release of the core set, AMG will be dropping [...]

Star Wars Galactic Conquest – Revenge of the Sixth, Element Games, UK

The 2023-2024 Star Wars Legion Championship season in the UK has officially begun starting at [...]

Wicket & Ewoks

Today we’re going to a look at the newly revealed cards for the Hero of [...]

Mandalorian Season 3: Favreaustein’s Monster (SPOILERS)

Andor let us imagine what Star Wars television can be, but The Mandalorian’s third season [...]

Shatterpoint: Secondaries, Supports and Synergies

In this article we will cover all of these units briefly and what they bring [...]

Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023

This will cover my suggestions for the next Legion points update based on recent tournament [...]

Star Wars Legion: Born to Strategize

Star Wars Legion Players! “Ten Hut(t)!” (It will make the reading process more bearable if [...]