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One Guide to Rule Them All: Sabotage Showdown

November 3, 2023 was a momentous day for Star Wars: Shatterpoint. It marked the release [...]

Star Wars Unlimited Deckbuilding and Aspects

Star Wars Unlimited Deckbuilding and Aspects Welcome back to The Fifth Trooper’s coverage of Star [...]

SWL: Im Norden 2023 Top 8

This article will be a summary of the top 8 armies at Im Norden 2023 [...]

What’s in a Rep?

Something that is often mentioned in our community, amongst all wargaming communities, is the concept [...]

Han Solo Unit Guide (Updated)

This unit guide will cover commander Han Solo in Star Wars: Legion for the Rebel [...]


Why You (Might Be) Losing Games: “The Fight”

If you want to routinely win Legion games, you need to know how to “win [...]


Star Wars Legion: The Ultimate Homebrew Stew (With a side of Doctoral Thesis)

Hi everyone, Professor “Doc Velo” Paul here. Young Mr. Miller approached me some time ago [...]

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An Introduction to Star Wars Unlimited TCG

Hello all! I’m Davis Tower Kingsley (aka “TowerNumberNine”). Some Legion old-timers may recognize me from [...]

Shifting Priorities – First Struggle Strategies

As first player, which midline objectives should you attack on turn 1? How should second [...]

General Grievous: Sinister Cyborg – Unit Guide

This unit guide will cover General Grievous: Sinister Cyborg in the game, Star Wars Legion. [...]

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