DWG Greeble Pack 1


Greebles are great for those who want a to change a model look or those DIYers out there. Add to your collection a few doors, vents, Ladders and even a gun rack.

Assembly implied.

Compatible with all 28mm to 34mm Sci-fi Miniatures games. 

Recommended for use with Star Wars: Legion.

For personal use only.

Files included:  16mm Round Vent, 50mm Rec Vent, Device 01a, Device 01b, Framed Panel, Height 1 Pipe, Pipe 01A, Pipe 01B, Placard A1, Range 1 Ladder, Round Vent, Weapon Rack, Door A1, Door A2, Door A3, Door B1, Large Blast Door

Minimum print space required for intended size: 100 x 150mm 

Sold By: Dan Wulf
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DWG Greeble Pack 1