DWG Signs Pack 1


This pack brings you a mix of freestanding signs, greeble signs, and custom wall placards to decorate your battlefield.

Assembly required.

Compatible with all 28mm to 34mm Sci-fi Miniatures games. 

Recommended for use with Star Wars: Legion.

For personal use only.

Files included:  Cargo Sign, Dancing Twi’lek A, Dancing Twi’lek B, Greedo’s, Jim’s Cantina Base, Jim’s Cantina Sign, Signpost Base 02, Spleemo’s Back, Spleemo’s Front, Used Speeders, Wall Placard 00, Wall Placard 03, Wall Placard Games, Wall Placard04, Wall Placard05, Wall Placard06

Minimum print space required for intended size: 70 x 155mm 

Sold By: Dan Wulf
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DWG Signs Pack 1