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Rebel Special Forces as a Beginner

You have your Commander(s) and your Corps units at the ready and it’s time for [...]

Rebel Corps as a Beginner

Core? Corps? Which is it! Truly it’s corps, but many people will say core. Either [...]

Rebel Commanders as a Beginner

We’ll go ahead and assume you’ve tackled the learning game with the core set. Now [...]

Staying on Target

I’ve collectively played about ten games of Legion, and plan on playing tonight! Throughout these [...]

Painting Intimidation Factor

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” — Darth Vader   You finally have Star [...]

Engaging with the Community

As a new player, and somewhat new to gaming in general as previously noted, I [...]

A Star Wars Fan Finds a War-gaming World

About a year ago I walked into a gaming store that was in my friends [...]

Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats

Before I start talking about the status of the mats I first want to thank [...]

LVO – The Data Article, Part One

I love me some data.  Don’t you love you some data?  Strap on some assless [...]

LVO Top 6 lists and (brief) Recap

Unless you have been wallowing in a Sarlaac pit, you probably know that the Las [...]