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Ranking the Units by Canon “Accuracy:” Republic

I’ve been avoiding this for over a year. Hi I’m Evan Paul, the other Evan [...]

Need for Speed

Today we are going to talk about an oft overlooked topic: playing a game of [...]

Ranking the Units by Canon “Accuracy:” Empire

What is it that makes the Empire the most popular faction in the game? It’s [...]

Getting Started with Legion – May 2022 Edition

This article will offer some thoughts on what faction to choose if you are just [...]

Intro to Star Wars: Legion Streaming Part 1

We recently launched a new tool for the Star Wars: Legion community called Legion Stream. [...]

Star Wars Legion Meta-Hipster Guide

Star Wars Legion Meta-Hipster Guide [...]

Ranking the Units by Canon “Accuracy:” Rebels

Around a month ago I was cracking wise on the Legion Discord about how positive [...]

Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone

There can be only one! If you have been listening to the Scoundrels or had [...]

Search Your Feelings: Thoughts on Mindset, Sportsmanship and Managing Tilt

In this article, I will be discussing the importance of your attitude and mindset when [...]