This article will cover the top six lists from this weekend’s Las Vegas Open (LVO) Legion tournament.

It’s that time again, finally! LVO is back. The largest non-TTS tournament to date took place this weekend in Vegas, and we’ll take a look at the top six from that event.

The tournament featured 92 players and was played over three days; all players that went 2-1 or better made the cut from Friday to Saturday, their records were reset, and then any undefeated (3-0) players from Saturday advanced to Sunday (there were six).

Unfortunately I was unable to make this one as I just had a kid (number three) so it was a tough sell for the boss (my wife). Honey, can I go to Vegas and hang out with my friends all weekend while you deal with a newborn and two other kids by yourself? Yeah… no. I was happy to live vicariously through the excellent stream by Endless, which you can probably find VODs for over on Yavinbase.

Anyway, I’m sure you are all salivating for lists, so here we go.

Final Table

1. JR Deeter

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 1

Kalani starts out a trio of SuperTacs in the top six, and here is accompanied by Maul. I love me some Maul, and this list leans into his strengths in the objective game while still fitting the Ion spiders in there for the CIS mirror.

Kalani really super charges the Ion spiders, giving them access to multiple aims. Even if JR doesn’t face droids or vehicles, he’s not going to be sad here about a six dice pool with multiple aims and Precise 2.

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 2
JIF credit to PCGamerPirate

2. Jon “Bushfacts” Bushman

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 3

Flyboys, 2.0. Jon might be the most experienced Jedi Luke player in existence, and this list is built to support him like no other. Han received some really nice buffs in the last update, and Jon is taking full advantage of him here, throwing Chewie in there as well. He has Seize on Luke to give Luke a zero pip order with Sorry About the Mess.

The primary thing this list struggles with is lots of white save wounds (ahem, droids), which Rebels are no stranger to. Jon did manage to fit a couple corps heavies in there, and the Commando Sniper Strikes are great at chipping Magnaguard, so it’s not like he has no options there.


Bobby Joe Thomas (BloodOcean)

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 4

A Super Tactical Droid, a bunch of B1s, some Magnas, and Dwarf Spider Droids with Ion. You are going to notice a theme here.

Ion Spiders are exceptional against other droid lists and also excellent against vehicles, both of which are currently common in the meta. Magnas are an excellent jack-of-all-trades unit whose only real weakness is their lack of pierce (something CIS struggles with in general).

Anyway this is a solid all around list with answers for many different things and good durability.

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 5

Four through Six (in no particular order)

Tom Patten

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 6

I did say you would notice a theme here.

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 7
credit to PCGamerPirate for this JIF (again)

Tom managed to fit a B2 HAT unit in here, for a little extra beef. I love B2s and think they’re still a very solid unit, even in a world with so much Ion.

Mike Syrylo

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 8

No Ion spiders in this one! Mike opted for B2 HATs instead. I dig this as it has a little more beef and you are less sad in matchups that don’t feature droids or vehicles.


Las Vegas Open (LVO) Top Six 9

Octobaer brought this nastiness all the way from Germany. It is only 8 activations, but between all of Padme and Yoda’s extra tokens and their token sharing (yes, including standbys) the Saber acts as a funnel for all of your offense. Unless, of course, you try and get close to it, and then you have… Yoda. To deal with. Yeah.

GAR is in a bit of a tough spot right now, but it isn’t because of lists like this one.


It’s hard to take away too much from a top six by itself. There were 92 players in this tournament with two cuts; when you are only looking at the six survivors, anything can happen. The last round on Saturday (which had 12 undefeated players) featured some strong variety and a lot of close games that could have gone either way. Empire was very well represented in the Saturday cut (especially Vader) and GAR wasn’t entirely all Padme/Saber/Tank, though Clone centric lists were notably absent. I’m sure the data junkies will hammer out some more content on the data beyond the top six in the next week or so.

Magnas good. DSD Ions good. CIS has been sort of lurking in the shadow of GAR for awhile and now they get a little time in the sun. Also… a lot of folks be like “where the CIS nerfs in the last points update?!?” Don’t forget that this wave (Magnas, DSDs, SuperTac) wasn’t out yet. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Should vigilance be quaking in it’s boots at 5 points? 😀 6 copies in 4 of the top lists, and probably a lot more throughout the event. (I know this is just one event, but it’s a powerful upgrade. Especially on any unit with nimble and/or token sharing.)

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