It’s been on my mind for a while trying to settle on a good empire list for the upcoming Atlantic City Open.  I enjoy playing underdog factions in all games and figuring out new ways to make them work vs the current meta.  That said, I have come up with a few lists that I am bouncing around the ol’ noggin that I think have a real chance at the event.  I have written about my need to win with my need to be an original butterfly and how they tend to clash a lot, but I think I have come across a few things that work well in my musings.  

Veers Bikes 2, the electric boogaloo.

789/800 (12 activations)


 – General Veers (80): Strict Orders (5), Electrobinoculars (8) = 93


 – 3× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (35) = 261

 – 3× DF-90 Mortar Trooper (38) = 114

Special Forces:

 – 2× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 96


 – 3× Speeder Bikes (75) = 225

Commands: • Ambush, • Maximum Firepower, •• Evasive Maneuvers, ••• Imperial Discipline, ••• Coordinated Fire, •• Push, •••• Standing Orders

This is a real standard list that we have seen since wave one, but hey, if it works it works.  I have opted to take a bid and high act count for lack of order control.  This may not be the final form of the list, but it’s real close.  Gameplan would be Veers just hangs back and hands out aim’s to shores, shores get an order, then they aim and shoot.  It’s a little dull to me, but you can’t argue with efficiency.  Maybe look at bombing run or vaps?  You can bully them off of there objectives and use the bikes to flank.  

A man and his Lizard

788/800 (11 activations)


 – Agent Kallus (90): Strict Orders (5), Offensive Push (4), Ascension Cables (4), J-19 Bo-Rifle Staff (25) = 128


 – Bossk (115): Hunter (6), Seize the Initiative (5) = 126


 – 2× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (35) = 174

 – 2× DF-90 Mortar Trooper (38) = 76

 – 2× Stormtroopers (44): RT-97C Stormtrooper (26) = 140

Special Forces:

 – 3× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 144

Commands: • Merciless Munitions, • Ambush, •• Reptilian Rampage, •• ISB Investigation, ••• Lying In Wait, ••• Coordinated Fire, •••• Standing Orders

Contingencies: • Face Me!, ••• Ruthless Tactics, 

So depending on what day you talk to me, I am either in the “Bounty hunters are fun” camp or “Bounty hunters are trash” dump.  They have to work so hard to get that extra bonus point off it can be an uphill battle.  The best out of the bunch has to be Bossk thought.  At least if you have to give up on the bounty, he is quite capable of killing things and being useful to the rest of the army.  I chose not to go three shores and mortars just of a flair for mixing it up.  You could put whatever you want in there for the 140 points really.  Another deep bid (due to how much I hate the current bidding system) to guarantee I get the missions I need and then we are off to the races.  Kal’s cunning is a strong team up with Seize the Initiative with Bossk, so that works out well too. 

I had wanted to get a double heavy list going with the LAAT’s, but man, are they just not up to snuff for competitive play.  That’s a real shame, because they look so cool.  I wanted to bring one or two to the event and fly them around dropping off snow troopers, but they don’t really hit hard enough to be a true threat/don’t really have any cool tricks.  I think Pryce that comes with the box is good in an ATST commanding from the back, but more testing is needed.  So maybe something like this?

The Pryce is Pain

789/800 (10 activations)


 – Bossk (115): Hunter (6) = 121


 – 2× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (35) = 174

 – 2× DF-90 Mortar Trooper (38) = 76

 – Stormtroopers (44): Del Meeko (38), Stormtrooper Specialist (12) = 94

Special Forces:

 – 3× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 144


 – AT-ST (160): Governor Pryce (10), Mortar Launcher (10) = 180

Commands: • Merciless Munitions, • Ambush, •• Reptilian Rampage, •• Push, ••• Coordinated Fire, ••• Lying In Wait, •••• Standing Orders

Really try and get those long range engagements and zone out lanes.  You have technically 5 range 5 shots and that’s important to beat out other armies that need to get closer to hit you with heavy weapons.  I like seeing an ATST on the table that is playing a leader role as well as a suppressive one.  A vehicle commander is a really interesting space for the game and I want to see more of it.  

I had tried to make a ton of Vader lists, but nothing FELT good. Like the spark of cool was there, just nothing that I felt had a solid change vs the current “good stuff”.  I suggest looking at DewBacks right now.  After the points drop I feel like there is some untapped potential there.    

What do you think? Are Imps as bad as they say?  Are you tired of hearing us talk about them?  What lists are you playing?  Let us know!

10 thoughts on “Much to do about Imps.

  1. Gabriel says:

    I’m new to Legion (also the Legion scene is very small in Sweden, where I’m from) so I can’t weigh in on the current meta, however I’m looking at this article for list inspiration and think all of these armies would be fun to play. Will def try them out. Thanks for writing the article!

    • Evan Bulriss says:

      No problem! It’s been in my head for a while now to find a fun/good imp list. I think a commander ATST will be a blast and I am exited to try them out!

  2. Jerome says:

    As an Imp player I love games against rebels. They are often close match-ups and empire proposes very fun units (double dewbacks, vador, palp, ..). However, in tournament the 3*staps meta and GAR lists are just out of reach, and it really feel like Imp do not have the tools to strike back… Thanks for the article, but Imp Units need some love if we are to see them back on tournament tables.

    • Jon says:

      I’ve been trying veers triple bikes again recently. It actually stands up really well Vs GAR. I ended up settling on
      Veers (aggressive, strict)
      2 Shores (T21, Coms Tech, HQ uplink, Offensive Push)
      2 Shore Mortars
      3 Sniper Strike Teams
      3 Bikes (2 long range coms, 1 HQ uplink)
      It kicks out some fantastic range 4 damage and the bikes can do a last/first on turns one and two.
      It definitely feels like this is the best way to run imps right now.

      • Evan Bulriss says:

        That’s a good list too. I kinda hate how you have to add three snipers to get the acts you need with imps, but sometimes trailblazing is a lot of work! Let us know how you fair in future games!

  3. EvoDoesGood says:

    I typically try to build my lists around suppressive fire. You don’t need to kill the units if you can simply force them from the board. While the Rebels have some ways around this, it usually only lasts a turn so if you can survive the counter attack then you can leave an army pretty well depleted going into the late game. I’m hoping for some more units with suppression interactions in the future, cause i really feel like that’s where the Empire could shine.

  4. Edward Boswell-Correa says:

    I’ve been collecting since launch but only played once. As empire i build my lists around Iden because she is just so dang cool. Is there a viable way to do a Kallus & Iden list? The theme of ISB and Special Forces working together just seems so rad

    • Slay says:

      I am in middle of testing such lists, with 11 activations, Kallus with vigilance, Iden with wep, Inferno named Squad, 2 strike teams and classic 3 Shore 3 mortars. 11 activations, works pretty well. So far I found it difficult with 3 Pips, cause you have to choose between Tactical Strike, Kallus 3 pip and Cordinated Fire.

  5. Edward J Boswell-Correa says:

    Is there a space for a kallus and Iden list? I don’t get to play very much but the theme of ISB and Special Forces is excellent

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