Finally, the much anticipated points update for Star Wars: Legion!

Note: The points changes are summarized at the bottom of the article in a table if you don’t want to read my takes.

This is the second points update for Legion; the first was released a little over a year ago, in September 2019.  In this article, I will go over what the updates were and my takes on them.  Changes will be reflected as the difference from the last update, not from a unit’s card.  For example, Darth Vader received a 10 point reduction in the 2019 update, from 200 to 190; he received another 15 point drop in this one.  The entry in this article would say (-15) instead of (-25).

There are a lot of changes in this update, and while I am going to attempt to hit most of them, I will not cover every single change.

Since points re-balance is primarily for tournament play, this article will focus on the (new) competitiveness of the affected units, as well as how some of the changes effect units that weren’t directly changed.

I am going to use a rating scale for the relative competitive viability of a given unit (this is the same rating scale I used last time).  This is just my opinion based on experience; don’t let me or anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn’t play if you disagree or find a particular unit/combination fun.  The most important thing in any tabletop game is making sure you are comfortable with what you are putting on the table and you have fun when doing so.  These ratings (particularly Viable through Highly Competitive) are also somewhat smallish grades of nuance; Legion is ultimately a very balanced game where nearly any unit can be strong in the right hands.  But, you know, pundits gotta pundit, right?

Competitive tiers

Here is the scale:

Handicap: If you are bringing one of these units to a tournament, you are basically handicapping yourself.  We’ll just go ahead and call this one the “T-47” tier.  At least, it used to be…

Situational: These units/upgrades are decent in the hands of a skilled player ,with the right setup cards or match-up. However, they are sometimes not consistently strong in a large form tournament setting where you have to account for multiple different scenarios, tables, and opposing match-ups over 6-10 games in a row.

Viable: Can be very solid if supported correctly in the right build.

Competitive: Units or upgrades that are very strong, versatile options in a tournament setting.  Lists are often built around these units.

Highly Competitive: Units or upgrades that are taken in nearly every tournament list, often in multiples (if possible).  This is previously the “strike team” tier.

Without further ado, lets get to the changes, in no particular order.  Some of these are going to be lumped together for ease of presentation, and indeed many of them have common themes.  There are some errata and other rules changes that are also extremely relevant for balance, and will be lumped together with the units they impact.


Galactic Republic

Clones cannot share standbys

Let’s just get this out of the way.  Units with the clone trooper keyword can no longer share standby tokens.  It quickly became apparent how much of a problem this was going to be when players starting spamming Overwatch on Phase IIs and full ARC squads.  It’s unclear how much of an overall balance impact this will have… aim and dodge sharing is still really good… but at least the opponents of clone players will be able to like… do things and actually interact with their opponent’s units.

Note that Exemplar is unaffected by this change.  I think it’s possible you can still replicate a similar standby sharing list with Padme (or Anakin).  It is somewhat rare in practice to need more than one shared standby token anyway, and Exemplar standbys are even more difficult to strip than clone ones were.

There is another significant rules change that impacts Republic (no Agile or Tactical on things that aren’t move actions, including Scout moves) but we’ll hit that later since it effects some other units as well.

Phase IIs (+2), ARCs (+6)

Old Rank: Highly Competitive

New Rank: Highly Competitive

Phase IIs got hit with a relatively minor 2 point bump and ARCs (both strikes and the full unit) got hit a little harder with +6.  This isn’t nothing, but ARCs are so darn good you are still starting every GAR list with three of them.  Basically this translates to having to find 18 points somewhere else in your list.

The Phase II change, coupled with the standby nerf, is a little more interesting.  The (relatively) minor points gap between Phase Is and Phase IIs was rather trivial when you considered everything you were getting: Courage 2, a training slot, and Reliable.  With the cuts to Phase I heavies (more on that in a minute) this conversation gets a little more interesting.  Phase IIs are still amazing, and you are almost certainly still taking between two and four of them, but you probably aren’t starting all your lists with 5-6 Phase IIs like you might have before.

Note the Phase II mortar got a big cut (-5) so it is actually the cheapest way to field them with a heavy, at 82 points for the package.

R2-D2 (+10)

Old Rank: Highly Competitive

New Rank: Competitive

This also applies to the Rebel version.  R2 was being taking in nearly every serious GAR or Rebel list, which was a problem.  Now you have to think a little harder about this, and it is unlikely you are taking him naked (without 3PO).  With C-3PO it is still only 60 points, which is still kind of a bargain for Secret Mission, Calculate Odds, and four points of repair.  I think he gets dropped in more GAR lists than Rebel ones, simply because he isn’t a Clone Trooper and that is still kind of a huge drawback.

Phase I Clone heavies (various cuts)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

This is the call I feel the least sure about.  All of the Phase I heavies got dropped by 2-5 points.  Coupled with the increase to Phase IIs, this means your delta between a Phase I Z-6 and a Phase II Z-6 is now 14 points (75 vs. 89) which is a lot.  Is it enough to make you take a Phase I over a Phase II?  I’m not sure.  Courage 2, reliable, and that training slot are still really good.

BARC Speeder (-15), Speeder weapons (various cuts)

Old Rank: Handicap

New Rank: Situational

These are aggressive cuts, with 15 off the base unit and 3-6 off all the weapons.  Is it enough?  These cuts put the BARC in the same range as other speeder/support units.  It still isn’t a clone trooper, though.

Like all other speeder units the BARC is also aided by the changes to compulsory moves (more on that later).


This is kind of low hanging fruit; CIS got the fewest changes.  There is a running joke that the cis-chat on the discord is the most positive faction chat (true, clearly) because CIS is the best balanced faction.  This short list of cuts would seem to support that.

Dooku and Grievous got small cuts but I’m going to lump them into a more comprehensive section later.

B2 Battle Droids (-3), weapon upgrades (-2)

Old Rank: Viable

New Rank: Competitive

The generic B2 personnel upgrade was also cut (-2).  Your cost to field a beefy B2 unit goes down anywhere by 5-7, depending on whether you take the extra dude.  B2s were already sort of right there on the edge of solid, held back primarily by their AI and lack of coordinate.  The upcoming T-Series personnel upgrade that was previewed at GenCon heavily mitigates this weakness; besides causing them to lose AI, it also provides Reliable 1 and a red dice at range 3.  Combined with the B2-HA at Range 3, you are talking about 3 red dice and one white dice with blast, or roughly 3 hits past cover, which is basically the same as 5 hits when shooting into heavy cover.  That is a Shoretrooper pool (which is good, obviously).  That is in addition to their always ridiculous Range 2 pool, and you need to cause 8(!) wounds to reduce that range 3 pool at all.

The points cuts on top of the (impending) arrival of the T-Series means these dudes went from borderline decent to great.  I’m not going to lie, I bought four more B2 boxes when they got restocked last weekend (I had already bought two, what is four more?).  I’m not sure if 6 B2s is going to be any good, but I think it might, and it will look badass regardless.

Droidekas (-20)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Now this is an aggressive cut.  Droidekas were decent in core box armies, primarily due to lack of options.  They can take a hit but drop quickly after their shields are down.  The also don’t have coordinate and they aren’t a droid trooper so they can’t bookend your chain either.  They were a decent unit but with those weaknesses 100 points was a lot to ask.

Now you can field them for 80, which feels downright decent.  They still aren’t STAPs (at 73) and STAPs are crazy fast and have coordinate, but Droidekas can block things like Tauntauns and are a lot more durable in general.  This cut certainly makes the CIS support slot a lot more interesting.


Darth Vader (both versions -15)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Woof.  You can now take Commander Vader at 175 and Operative Vader at 155.  I’ve dabbled with Vader a fair bit (my colleague Mike is the real diehard) and this feels downright incredible to me.  I’m excited to see what sorts of Vader lists people come up with, especially with the cuts to Dews, Storms, and Snows, all of which are natural fits for a Vader list.

Palpatine (-10)

Old Rank: Viable

New Rank: Viable

People forget that Palpatine has won two of the last three major tournaments in the US (NOVA Open and LVO).  I know it’s been awhile since we’ve actually had one of those, but it has really not been that long since Palpatine has been a high skill but high return pick.  Granted, in both of those cases he was a meta call (specifically as a Tauntaun counter).

With this cut, the addition of Barrier, and the cuts to Storms and Snows, I am excited to see if Palpatine makes his way back into the meta.  He’s always been a niche but extremely dangerous pick in the right hands.

Boba Fett (-15)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Boba Fett has been top meta at various stages in the game, though he was pushed out by the efficiency of Shores (Shores pushed out basically any Empire unit that didn’t support them).  Similar to Vader, combined with the cuts to Storms and the significant drop to Boba himself, I’m excited to see the tough and mobile not-Mandalorian bounty hunter back on the table.

Stormtrooper heavy weapons (-2 DLT-19)

Old Rank: Viable

New Rank: Competitive

As with the Phase Is, it is somewhat difficult to make a strong call here.  All of the heavies except the RT-97C went down by between 2 and 6 points.  You have to take some kind of corps, and with the increases to Shores and the decreases to Storms, it makes a lot of sense to consider at least a handful of Storms with heavies.  Storms are still some of the most defensively efficient units in the game (as the cheapest red saves) and the DLT-19 isn’t what it used to be offensively, but it is hardly terrible.

Snowtroopers (-4)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

The Ion also went down by 3 points, to 23.  Exhaust weapons aren’t great, but that is pretty cheap for access to Ion on a unit with Steady, which isn’t nothing.

Snows will likely continue to be a Vader/Palpatine only choice, but with the cuts to those two combined with the cuts to Snows I hope we see them again at least in specialized roles.

Shoretrooper T-21B (+3) DF-90 Mortar (+2)

Old Rank: Highly Competitive

New Rank: Competitive

Nearly every Empire list was starting with three Shores and three mortars, and the game really saw a since-unreversed power creep of offensive output when Shores were released.  +5 points to the Shore/Mortar combo isn’t a lot, and they will continue to be solid, but this might make Empire players think a little bit harder about using some builds with other corps choices.

Dewbacks (-15), Weapons (-5)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Competitive

This might be the largest swing of any unit.  Dews certainly are not Tauntauns; they are slower, their weapons aren’t free, they can’t use cohesion to get heavy cover as easily, and they have less raw wounds.  However, their saves are better, they have access to a flamethrower, and they do have Armor 1 which is a great keyword.  And they are still creature troopers.  Now you can get all this for 15-20 points cheaper; a Dewback with a flamethrower is only 90 points, for the longest effective flamethrower threat range in the game, considerably farther than both Snows and AT-RTs (roughly 21” without New Ways to Motivate Them and a terrifying 27.5” with it, which is between Range 4 and Range 5).  Coupled with the cuts to Vader, I can see some really interesting Vader/Dewback lists.

Empire Heavies (-10)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

The Empire heavies have been in serious tournament lists with varying degrees of success for the entire life of the game, but never consistently.  Heavy vehicles of all stripes still get shredded by ARC snipers and Imperial Special Forces (with Tac Strike), but that is a structural issue with those units specifically rather than a cost one.  If you aren’t facing either of those units you are going to be pretty happy about getting an AT-ST for 160 points.


Rebels got by far the most changes, nearly all of them cuts.  Rebels definitely had the narrowest roster of competitive units (though many of those units are exceptional).  This looks like an effort to make their choices a little more interesting.  The Rebel faction got unquestionably the most buffs out of this update.

Han Solo (-20)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Han is interesting.  His command cards are still great, though Reckless Diversion has lost some luster now that he is getting plastered by Shores and Phase IIs instead of soaking a series of DLT-19 shots.  Change of Plans is still one of the best cards in the game, though; Change of Plans, coupled with the new(!) Sabotage Communications, are great counters to two of the scariest command cards in the game (Take That Clankers and Tactical Strike) so Han could be a decent counter-meta pick at minimum.

His range 2 Pierce damage is also still very solid, assuming you can get light cover/no cover shots.  Han also is helped by some new upgrades, like Seize the Initiative (which also adds some value to other units with Sorry About the Mess).

20 points is a lot.  That only puts him at 100 though, which is somehow still 10 more points than Captain Rex and Cassian.

Jyn Erso (-10)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Situational

Another drop for Jyn, bringing her down to 100.  Unlike Han, Jyn’s command cards don’t carry her nearly as much.  She’s always been a pain on certain objectives like recover, and she still will be.  Now she can do it for 10 points less.  I don’t think it’s enough to see her consistently in competitive lists but I love her as a character and would be thrilled for folks to prove me wrong.

Sabine Upgrades; Darksaber (-10), Combat Shield (-5)

Old Rank: Situational (upgrades)

New Rank: Viable

Now these are interesting.  Sabine is still amazing, though she was pushed out somewhat along with pretty much every other short range unit by standby sharing.  However, she was often taken in the bare bones “gunslinger” mode, with just a training upgrade (usually endurance) and recon intel.  These cuts make her gear upgrades a lot more interesting, especially the Darksaber which gives her access to Dauntless.  Sabine is also necessary to get the most out of the excellent Clan Wren with Retinue.  I’m looking forward to some Mando heavy Rebel lists.

Chewbacca (-5), Gain Scale, Gain Lethal in Melee

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Now these are some neat little buffs, with Scale and Lethal.  Embedded in this change is also a new trooper type, Wookiee Trooper.  Chewie was already being taken in some serious lists (most notably in Invader Season 4 by Kingsley as part of a second-place triple Tauntaun list) as a wound sponge and source of Range 3 pierce.  He is still good at those things; now he is a little cheaper and has some nifty new abilities.  Scale in particular is a great keyword and really gives Chewie some new vertical options.

R2-D2 (+10)

Old Rank: Highly Competitive

New Rank: Competitive

I already hit R2 above for GAR, but it is worth repeating here.  The calculus is a little different for Rebels, since you don’t have the opportunity cost of adding an activation that isn’t a Clone Trooper.  I think you definitely see less “naked R2,” but R2 with 3PO is still only 60 points which is still something of a bargain for Calculate and Secret Mission.  He’s not going to be in 100% of serious Rebel lists anymore, but you are still going to see a lot of R2.

Rebel Trooper Z-6 (-2), MPL-Ion (-6), SX-21 (-3)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable (Z-6), Situational (MPL-Ion, SX-21)

These are some nifty cuts.  The Rebel DLT-20A is still top dog here, even though it now costs +6 over the Z-6 instead of +4.  The DLT-20A is just such an excellent weapon it is really hard to set aside.

That said, if you need to squeeze some points out to get under 800, you could do worse than downgrading a DLT-20A Rebel Trooper unit to a Z-6.  The Ion is still extremely situational, but it is good against CIS and vehicles, and now it only costs 22 points.

The SX-21 is actually kind of interesting at 17 points.  That is dirt cheap, and that pool is downright decent at Range 2.  I wouldn’t recommend spamming them or anything, but if you are light on points and still want to squeeze an extra cheap linebacker style ranged unit in there you could do worse.

Fleet Troopers (-4)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Situational

I love me some Fleet Troopers.  I ran them seriously as recently as Adepticon 2019, which was quite some time ago in actual days but really isn’t that much in the past, meta wise.  That said, they fell off very quickly thereafter, and the arrival of standby sharing permanently cemented their place on the shelf.  Four points isn’t nothing, and it’s possible these guys become the new “naked Rebel Trooper” choice for Rebel lists that are just checking the minimum corps box.  Eight white dice for 40 points, albeit at range 2, is bargain territory.  With the shotgun they are still one of the most offensively efficient units in the game, and now the Rebel Officer upgrade is also cheaper (more on that later).  I’m excited to try them again as a one-of in my Rebel lists for light linebacker duties.  The MPL-Barrage also got cut, though I think if you want a heavy upgrade it is still the shotgun for Pierce.

Rebel Veterans (CM-0/93 up to Range 4), Mk2 (+1 Wound)

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Competitive

Now these are interesting.  Range 3 to Range 4 on the CM-0/93 is a huge buff; it is basically now a Shore T-21B, without Target and on a unit with white saves, but for less points overall to field.  Range 3 on the Mk2 still kind of sucks (how is it that tripod mounted heavy machine guns like the Mk2 and E-web are Range 3 but trooper carried LMGs like the DLT are Range 4?  Anyway I digress…) but it is no longer the most deletable unit in the game now that it has four wounds.  It’s effective wounds (6) are now exactly the same as the Empire mortar, which isn’t exactly a bastion of durability either, but it’s only 38 points.

I could definitely see some vets with Situational Awareness in Rebel lists with Leia that focus on their corps.  A Rebel gunline?  Maybe that will be a thing again.

Pathfinders (-10), Bistan (-4), +1 Wound to Bistan and Pao

Old Rank: Handicap

New Rank: Viable

Woof, now this is quite a big cut.  Pathfinders have always been something of a slot machine unit; when Danger Sense works, it really works, but when it doesn’t you have a very expensive unit with white saves and single wound models.  Bistan and Pao both also got the unique character upgrade treatment, receiving +1 wound each.  I think Bistan is still a lot more interesting than Pao; Ion is a really good keyword, and this might be the best way in the game now to access it.

Wookiees (-6), Bowcaster (-3), gain Scale and Duelist

Old Rank: Situational

New Rank: Viable

Wookiees got the same treatment as Chewie with Scale and the Wookiee Trooper keyword.  They also got Duelist, which means they can Pierce in melee (and also get Pierce Immune).  9 points is quite a nice cut.  I’m not going to lie, I was unironically messing around with Wookiees in the lead up to Worlds 2020 (before it was cancelled) as a Tauntaun counter.  I think they still have a place in a role like that, and now they have some nifty keywords and are cheaper to boot.

Tauntauns (+5)

Old Rank: Highly Competitive

New Rank: Competitive

Tauntauns were briefly suppressed by the arrival of the GAR/Standby meta like all other short range units, but their dominance at the top was quite resolute before that and likely will continue afterwards.  Oddly, they are most devastating in the mirror (against other Rebels).  It is a little awkward to know what to do with a unit that is more efficient at murdering other lists from the faction it belongs to than in cross-faction matchups.  In any case, +5 points is pretty trivial, and I expect the terrifying heroes of the battle of Hoth to be rampaging around quite a few tables still, especially coupled with the standby sharing nerf.

T-47 Airspeeder (-10, Surge/crit), Power Harpoon (free!)

Old Rank: Handicap

New Rank: Viable

Surge/crit!  Yikes.   That is awesome.  This thing has kind of always hit like a wet noodle for a heavy.  Surge/crit ups the reliability of its pool considerably and also makes it a fairly terrifying armor hunter.

It also got a 10 point drop and a free harpoon.  Sign me up, I’ve always loved this model.

Sadly the T-47 suffers from the same problem as any other heavy against ARC snipers and ISF with Tac Strike, so it might continue to have a bit of a rough go in a tournament setting where you have to win 6+ games in a row and you are bound to run into some of those.

There were also some changes to compulsory moves, buried in the speeder section.  You can now take the compulsory move at the start or end of the activation, which is a lot of increased flexibility.

X-34 Landspeeder (-15), Weapons (various cuts)

Old Rank: Handicap

New Rank: Viable

Some very aggressive cuts here also.  The X-34 also benefits from some changes to the open transport rules; you can now shoot out of it!  You can now also directly target the passenger(s), so it’s kind of hard to tell whether that is net good or bad.  I don’t care, I’m putting Han Solo in this thing and going gunslinging.

Neutral/Multi-Faction Adjustments

Personnel Upgrades (various aggressive cuts)

All of the personnel upgrades except medics got some serious cuts.  Activations are very important in Legion, and beefing out individual units at the expense of extra activations has never been very appealing competitively.  Some of these upgrades got significant cuts (-3 almost across the board for captains, specialists, and officers).  The Rebel/Empire officers are the most appealing to me on Courage 1 units, but I could see some arguments for all of these now.  Except the Rebel Specialist.  Sorry, you’re still bad.

Saber Users (-5 to Obi-Wan, Dooku, Grievous, Operative Luke)

All of these characters are solid and it is debatable whether they really needed a cut or whether they were simply being held back by the standby sharing meta.  Either way, there is a theme in this update of cutting expensive focus pieces, and the force users weren’t left out.  This should make the Dooku/Grievous vs. T-Series conversation a little more interesting once it comes out.

The Obi-Wan cut is interesting, because Obi-Wan is arguably the best force user in the game.  Unfortunately though, he is in the same faction as Rex, and he isn’t Rex.  I think we will see a lot more Obi-Wan with Force Barrier hitting the scene though, the five points here is just gravy.

Force Reflexes (-5)

Another cut for Reflexes.  This becomes a little more interesting, especially on Jedi Luke or Dooku in a Maul list for that third force slot.  I still don’t think it hedges out Force Push, Choke, or Jedi Mind Trick for two slot users, though.

Jedi Mind Trick (no longer can target operatives and commanders)

This mirrors choke now, though it is still quite a significant nerf.  JMT is still amazing, but you aren’t going to be able to shut down characters with it anymore.  Anakin players rejoice.

Aggressive Tactics (+5)

This is mostly a nerf to CIS, who really need Aggressive Tactics to function.  GAR can still lean on Reliable and Command Cards (though I think they still want AT), Empire has some other options, and Rebels never wanted this upgrade anyway.  Five points isn’t a lot though.  I think you still auto-insert this into CIS and GAR lists when you only have one commander, but you might think twice about it now in a two character list.

Generator, Grenades, Gear (various cuts)

Stims got reduced down to 10 (from 12).  It was a nearly mandatory upgrade on certain characters when it used to cost 8; I could see this being taken again on characters like Sabine, Boba and Luke.

These other cuts are sort of whatever.  I don’t think you are taking Grappling Hooks even at 1 point (Recon Intel is only 2 points and is much more useful) and the various grenades are still basically Snows only, who you are probably still running Frags on.

Speeder units

I mentioned this in the T-47 section above, but compulsory moves can now be taken at the start or end of an activation.  The primary winner here is STAPs, who are already a very competitive unit and now get even better with this change.  It also adds a lot of flexibility to other, more maligned speeder units.  I am excited to see how folks adjust to this change.

Agile and Tactical (standard move actions only)

This has a couple of implications.  First, you can’t get aim or dodge tokens off Scout moves (sorry ARCs).  This is a straight nerf to a turn one Take that Clankers, though that card is still incredible in a “wind up” capacity when loaded up with aims at the end of any turn, and honestly I think it has always been at least as dangerous as a turn two zoning card than a turn one alpha strike.

Second, Tauntauns can’t get dodges from Scout moves on Advanced Positions or from command cards that grant moves (No Time for Sorrows and Smoke Screen).  They also don’t get dodges when force pushed which was pretty corner case but felt weird and annoying when it happened.

Silhouette Movement Changes

Silhouette height is also now used for moving over terrain in addition to LOS (when you are using silhouettes, usually in a tournament setting).  This is a no brainer and a good change.

Field Commander

I bet you missed this one.  Units with the Field Commander keyword can now fulfill your commander requirement and have a courage bubble if you don’t actually take any commanders.  Double AAT, anyone?

Sabotage Communications, Covert Observation

I’ll be honest, I forgot these cards existed.  These are some neat little buffs that completely change what these cards do.  Sabotage in particular looks amazing, limiting your opponent to one order from a command card (they can still do things like uplink, entourage and coordinate).  Play it when your opponent plays tactical strike and they will be very sad.

Direct, Bolster, Contingencies

Mmmm, these are fun.  I wonder what units these keywords belong to?


Whew, that is a lot.  I didn’t hit everything, I am sure.  I’m really excited to see some shelf units get more play and what crazy lists people come up with after some of these changes.

Here is the full list (please check my work) if you want to peruse:


Change from last year Cost Errata
Han -20 100
Jyn -10 100
Darksaber -10 15
Sabine’s shield -5 5
Generic Officer -5 45
Chewie -5 90 Gain Scale, gain lethal on melee attack
R2-D2 10 45
Jedi Luke -5 195
MPL-57i -6 18
Z-6 -2 20
SX-21 -3 17
Captain -3 11
Specialist -3 12
Extra Rebel Trooper -3 7
Fleets -4 40
MPL-57b -3 22
Extra fleet -4 7
Extra vet -3 9
CM-93/0 0 Range 4
Mark 2 0 4 wounds
Commandos full -10 50
Pathfinders -10 58
Bistan -4 28 2 wounds
Pao 0 2 wounds
Wookiees -6 69 Gain Scale and duelist
Bowcaster -3 32
Tauns 5 95
AT-RT Laser -5 15
T-47 -10 130 gain surge/crit
Harpoon -2 0 now free
Wedge -4 1
X-34 -15 60
RPS-6 -4 31
Mark II -8 26
M-45 Ion -10 28
Officer upgrade -3 16
Palpatine -10 200
Commander Vader -15 175
Operative Vader -15 155
Boba Fett -15 125
Generic Officer -5 45
HH-12 -6 20
DLT-19 -2 22
T-21 -3 24
Captain -3 12
Specialist -3 12
generic storm -3 8
Snows -4 44
T-7 Ion -3 23
generic Snow -3 8
T-21B 3 35
generic Shore -3 10
DF-90 2 38
Full Scouts -12 48
Dews -15 75
T-21 Dew rifle -5 5
RT-97 dew rifle -5 10
Flame dew rifle -5 15
AT-ST -10 160
Occupier -10 145
Weiss -4 1
Officer Upgrade -3 17
DT-F16 0 2 wounds
Obi-wan -5 170
Phase I generic -3 10
Phase I Z-6 -2 23
Phase I DC-15 -3 27
Phase I DP-23 -4 23
Phase I RPS-6 -5 21
Phase I Captain -3 14
Phase I Specialist -3 14
Phase IIs 2 62
Phase II generic -2 13
Phase II mortar -5 20
ARC Full 6 78
ARC strike 6 27
BARC -15 60
RPS-6 -3 21
BARC Ion -6 22
Dooku -5 200
Grievous -5 175
OOM-Series B1 upgrade -3 9
B1 security droid -2 7
B1 generic -1 5
B2s -3 45
B2 generic -2 13
B2-HA -2 30
B2-ACM -2 24
Droidekas -20 80
Neutral Cards
Force Reflexes -5 5
Force Guidance -5 5
JMT 0 Does not work on commanders and operatives
Aggressive Tactics 5 15
Improvised Orders -5 5
Stims -2 10
Hooks -2 1
Enviro Gear -1 2
Concussion Grenades -2 3
Impact Grenades -2 3
Smoke Grenades -4 2
Barrage Generator -4 3
Overcahrged Generator -4 3
































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      With it’s save. To get effective wounds you divide the wound count by the failure chance, so in the case of an Mk2 it would be 4/(2/3) which is 6. A mortar would be 3/(1/2) which is also 6. Basically that means, on average, you need to force 6 saves to kill it.

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      It looks correct on the card image in the errata (range 1-2), I wonder if that is just a typo. Range 1 would definitely make it pretty bad.

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of interesting… although Chewie has always benefitted from aims. The challenge isn’t Chewie needing aims, it is Han generating them for Chewie in ways that don’t involve taking the aim action (which Han usually doesn’t have the action handy to do).

  1. Chris says:

    I just want to point out that the increase to Aggressive Tactics isn’t really a nerf to CIS as both Dooku and Grievous went down by 5pts, so a net 0 change. Also holy Field Commander Batman!

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      Tac droid didn’t go down though!

      Operative Luke also got cut, so it isn’t clear whether the Dooku and Grievous cuts are supposed to offset the AT cut or whether they are just getting it because they are expensive saber wielders.

      And yeah, Field Commander is awesome.

  2. RafaBO says:

    Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the errata and point correction. I hope this will.make players reconsider their builds and we will see more variety on the table. Personally, I will still play with the units that are closer to my heart, regardless of how competitive they are 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    Did you forget the Imperial Scout troopers? The 12 point cut makes them an incredibly cheap price for that dice pool (even if it is range 2)

    Special forces is a very competitive spot, but man, 8 black die with sharpshooter for 48 points?

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      I did forget Scouts and Commandos, though I think the latter is a little more interesting. Scouts still kind of lack a delivery mechanism, and SF is a really competitive slot for both Empire and Rebels (even more so now).

  4. Greg says:

    Is there anywhere that has printable (at the correct scale) versions of the errata cards? FFG seemed to abandon providing that.

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      I’m not personally aware of any, but I’m sure someone in the community will come up with something before too long.

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      It is just courage 2, per the RRG under Field Commander: “In addition, while that unit has a commander token,
      friendly units at range 1–3 may treat their courage value as 2
      when checking whether they panic.”

        • Jesse Bongiorno says:

          Specifically where it says you may take a field commander as your commander without taking an actual commander. In the case of leaving dooku and grievous behind to take ALL the droids

          • Kyle Dornbos says:

            Yeah, it’s under the field commander entry, on page 45…

            “In addition to the field commander keyword’s normal effect,
            while building an army, if you include a unit that has the
            field commander keyword, you may ignore the minimum
            commander unit requirement”

  5. Craig says:

    With so many, continual points changes and keyword updates, keeping up with Legion is becoming a chore. Pretty much every unit and upgrade card I own is now useless. ?

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      The points are updated in the online list builders. It also doesn’t really take that long to memorize the relevant changes, at least on the units you use often. At least we aren’t in 40k territory with 400+ units to keep track of.

      I don’t have a lot of insight into the logistics of card printing, but if the choice is between not having balance updates at all and having to remember/look up different point totals in a document, I would much rather have a balanced game for slightly more list building hassle.

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