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Shoretroopers – Unit Guide

This week we take a gander at the newest Empire gunline hotness for Star Wars [...]

Darkness Descends

Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader: as a kid growing up watching Star Wars, you tend [...]

Luke vs. Luuke

You Serve Your Master Well (YSYMW) is one of the most interesting, potentially powerful cards [...]

Like a Bossk

This is a unit deep dive for the Empire’s new favorite bounty hunter for Star [...]

Rebel Veterans – Quick and Dirty

Rebel Veterans are here soonish, and we got our long awaited preview of their heavy [...]

The Synergies of Sabine Wren

As we plug along here at the Jedha Journal I’m going to try and take [...]

Sabine Wren: Explosive Artist

Most of the information on Sabine has been out for quite some time, and this [...]

Unit Upgrades

Now that we’re through talking about all of the units in the game, I mentioned [...]

Imperial Support and Heavy Units as a Beginner

We’re here, at the end of the Imperial road. Combining the Support and Heavy units [...]

Boba freakin’ Fett

“He’s no good to me dead.” – Boba Fett The title of this post has a [...]