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PAX Unplugged – Top 8

This article will cover the top 8 lists and players from the Star Wars: Legion [...]

SWL: Im Norden 2023 Top 8

This article will be a summary of the top 8 armies at Im Norden 2023 [...]

What’s in a Rep?

Something that is often mentioned in our community, amongst all wargaming communities, is the concept [...]

London Grand Tournament: UK Weather Warnings!

LGT London Grand Tournament (LGT) is back again! Now, if you read last year’s article [...]


The Florida Crucible 2023 Top 8 Recap

Crucible, a title true to itself, but more on that later. This event stands as [...]

MK:GT 2023

For Better or Worse The Milton Keynes Grand Tournament 2023 a.k.a MK:GT returned for another [...]

Alpha Games Store Championship

With the store championship season well underway and with the first store championship I attended [...]


Atlantic City Open Top 8 (with a side of Indy Open)

The weekend of June 17th and 18th was ACO, and it was the second major [...]


Rocky Top Open Top 8 Breakdown: Star Wars Legion

Homage to the Organizer Memorial Day weekend brought Star Wars Legion its largest tournament on [...]


Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023

This will cover my suggestions for the next Legion points update based on recent tournament [...]