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Star Wars Legion Announcements at Adepticon 2024 – All The News with Rapid Reactions

Atomic Mass Games gave us a peek at what’s ahead for Star Wars Legion, we’ve [...]

Five Dramatic, But Reasoned, Predictions For This Year In Star Wars Hobby Games

When it comes to Star Wars games, Adepticon represents a better marker of the new [...]

Improving Your Star Wars Unlimited Efficiency

Welcome back to The Fifth Trooper’s coverage of Star Wars Unlimited TCG, and welcome to [...]

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block

Mission Report: February 23. 2024. 0100hrs … Cherokee, NC USA. Myself and code name: “Little [...]

Getting the Most Out of Premiere

As someone who has recently started making YouTube videos, I have learned a lot about [...]

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Legion’s First World Team Championships

In February 2023 I was approached by an Irishman I never had met before (the [...]

Doc Velo Picks Your List’s Theme Song for Worlds 2024

Are you looking for an article that will help you play Legion? Then you should [...]

Star Wars Unlimited Draft and Sealed Play

Welcome back to our series of articles on Fantasy Flight Games’s upcoming Star Wars Unlimited [...]

Imperial Remnant Guide

“You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you [...]

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist

The Legion World Championship draws nearer every day. With each sunset, we take one step [...]