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Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft – Unit Guide

"What if a helicopter shot out of its butt?"

Ranking the Units by Canon “Accuracy:” Rebels

Around a month ago I was cracking wise on the Legion Discord about how positive [...]

PAX Unplugged Tournament Recap – Mike Gemme

Hello there.  My name is Mike Gemme and I’m fairly new to Legion, though not [...]

Rebel Chewbacca – Unit Guide

Not too long ago Timbo discussed using Chewbacca and Yoda in Grand Army of the [...]

Operative Vader – Unit Guide

This unit guide will cover Darth Vader the Emperor’s Apprentice. The huge buffs in the [...]

Infantry Support Platform ‘ISP’ – Unit Guide

This Post will be covering the Infantry Support Platform (ISP) for the Grand Army of [...]

Han Solo – Unit Guide

This unit guide will cover Han Solo, one of the many Commanders you have access [...]

Empire Tier List 2021

Tier list of Empire units

Republic Dead? A Rebuttal

In the most recent rules update for Star Wars Legion we saw a massive nerf [...]

Imperial Death Troopers – Unit Guide

This unit guide will focus on the Imperial Death Troopers, some of the most elite [...]