We don’t have to much to offer here in terms of variety! Chewbacca has been out for a few months now and Sabine Wren(!) is expected some time this year. Pretty much most of Sabine’s information is out there, after last weeks stream with Alex Davy and Luke Weddy, and she’s looking pretty good! I’ll go over her more when she get’s released, though! For now let’s talk about our favorite walking carpet: Chewbacca.



“RAWRGWAWGGR.” – something in Shriiwook

Let’s start on a positive note when it comes to our Dejarik winning furry friend. He’s a great model and thematically pretty cool when it comes to Teamwork: Han Solo. Enrage 4 is pretty thematic and cool, too! That said, Chewie is expensive at 110 points. Well, it’s not that he’s expensive, it’s more that he might not give you back those 110 points on the board and in the game. I’ve played a few games with Chewie and , personally, he just didn’t pull his weight for the points he cost. There are some good ways to play him, though, and he might fit your play style! Running lists with a bunch of Rebel heroes is a ton of fun even if it’s not completely competitive! Some recommended upgrades are Tenacity and Hunter. Tenacity is almost guaranteed to go off on Chewie, and I would say it’s almost an auto include. It will give him five red dice in melee, which is really good. If he’s Enraged, it’s even better. Something else I would consider is Hunter, mainly if you’re running him adjacent with Han. Hunter will add an aim to you but also add an aim to Han for free with Teamwork.

His health pool and Guardian 3 are what you need to utilize to get your maximum use out of Chewie, but keep in mind he rolls white defense dice and doesn’t surge. Either way, soaking up damage on other units will help you in the long run. Perhaps running him along side some Fleets or Saboteurs is your best use of him, while maybe keeping him close to whatever other character you brought as your commander for some Command Card synergy. Speaking of Command Cards, let’s review what Chewie has to offer.

Chewbacca Command Cards

Common Cause

All of Chewbacca’s cards go hand in hand with other Rebel characters, so they’re somewhat limited. My personal opinion on this one pip with Luke is that it’s going to be super situational. The upside is you can start by giving them both there command order tokens and won’t rely on drawing them. However, if Chewie is in a position where he needs to activate early but you don’t want to activate Luke yet, you will lose value in the card. Typically I run Luke and Leia, which means this one pip won’t even come close to making it in my list because Son of Skywalker and Coordinated Bombardment are just a lot better.

Brains and Brawn

This card has a little more value than the Luke one. It’ll also be rather situational and you’ll need to run Chewie close to Leia in order to make sure it works. You’ll keep them close in most lists, unless Han is involved, I would think. Adding more dice to the dice pool is always a good thing, and it’s for free. As in it doesn’t count as Chewbacca’s activation. Getting more firepower into Leia’s three dice pool is always a positive. It will just rely on ranges and when exactly to play it!

Notorious Scoundrels

Hands down Chewbacca’s best card and I think it’s just so thematically awesome all around. Chewbacca and Han play really well together, at least in theory and by my assumptions because I have never played them together(!), and this card really goes a long way. Being able to Change of Plans, or perhaps Reckless Diversion, twice in a game is something that will really change the game. As I talked about in the previous posts, Han’s control of the board and game via his Command Cards is really important to him in this game. Giving him even more control than he originally had is extremely good.


Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, right now, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about when it comes to Rebel Operatives because Chewie is all we have at the moment. When Sabine drops, there will be some more flavor for everyone to choose from and thats great! Since it’s a small article today, I figured why not toss out a poll on who you would like to see next as a Rebel Operative after Sabine. I’m assuming that these characters won’t be Commanders, but it is possible for some.

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May the Force be with you!



P.S. Invader League Season Three

LJ Pena, known as TalkPolite-Impact X on the Discord, has put together an awesome new website for season three of the TTS Invade League. Below will be a direct link to the Season three page, which is loaded with great information of the upcoming season! Sign ups start this Sunday at 11 PST/2EST. It will require a few things:

  • Sign up on the Invader League website
  • Join the Discord
  • Buy Tabletop Simulator
  • Download the Star Wars Legion mod


TTS Invader League Season 3