Mission Report: February 23. 2024. 0100hrs … Cherokee, NC USA.

Myself and code name: “Little Brother” and I are still awake. Our arrival to the remote outpost of Harrah’s Cherokee Resort a few hours prior presented us with our first mission of the excursion: Extraction. What were we extracting? Simply put, there was a certain Roulette table we had to interrogate, it contained ███████. That would reveal our next target, ███████. Many field operatives have failed in locating ███████, but we knew our tactics would prove effective. The target was located, surveillance initiated, and by 0400, our mission was concluded. Rest was required.

Mission Report: February 23. 2024. 0900 hrs … Cherokee, NC USA.

Upon waking, our next task was issued: Perform reconnaissance, and gather intel. This required we acquire sustenance, and previous reports indicated the best place to do so was the game hall. We made our move. Recon of the immediate area indicated many would gather for Legion in 23 hours. Previous research obtained via Game Uplink revealed the faction breakdown was roughly equal across factions, and quite balanced. No further information was gathered.

Mission Report: February 24. 2024. 0930 hrs … Cherokee, NC USA.

The tournament was about to begin. “Little Brother” (this is actually my little brother Dylan Miller) and I were prepared for combat, and shortly after round pairings were posted. It was time. All our recon, and preparation would need to prove useful if we were to secure victory. ███████ had returned to the front, and appeared to be engaged in the Legion tournament as well. We would await the moment to extract, then rally at rendezvous point Alpha. Hostiles ranged in the 50s. Targets confirmed: 5.

*Remaining Reports erased from database. Clearance: Top Secret – J.S.*

Please Redirect Your Attention To The Top 8 Breakdown

Courtesy of the Fifth Trooper Censorship Bureau

Cherokee Open 2024 was a 52 player event, and with no invite on the line, meant the sweat would be nominal. Or would it? Ok yea, it wasn’t sweaty at all. Ryan Sliwoski makes sure of it. The tournament structure would follow AMG’s Galactic Conquest rules, and would also last 6 rounds. Technically we had a winner after 5 rounds because Hendo (the other 5-0) had to drop to catch a flight home. It would’ve been awesome to see how that game between him and Tyler shook out. As such, we voted to play out a 6th round, and thus pairings were posted and a sixth round would determine our winner, which we’ll get to at the end of the article.

4-2 Shout Outs

Before I get into Top 8 I wanted to shout out all the 4-2s. Lists and players can be viewed here. Josh was rocking a sweet Bossk Pyke gunline with plenty of aim support for the Trandoshan Lizard (they don’t need no green man). Jason with another Pyke gunline, but with Gar Saxon. Nathan rocking a Rebel hero hammer gunline, and Raul with a Wookie Defender setup. Now, to “Top 8.” Congrats to all you guys, because 4-2 over 6 rounds is never easy.

Mitch Cahoon

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 1

Mitch enamored us with a Lando Mando gunline and HEY WHADDYA KNOW?! Rebel Mandalorians, they’re not complete garbage! Congrats Mitch, certainly a unique list with some “bad units.”

Mike Barry

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 2

Speaking of bad units… Jyn, Han and Chewie are not bad…well, if you build an entire list around them anyways. I’m not spoiling any of the fun or tricks of Mike’s list, as we both played game 4 on day 2, and he won. See if you can deduce the primary function of the list. All I’m going to say is, damn you Liam for making me think it would be a good match-up for me because “his list is booty cheeks.”

Austin Miller

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 3

Is this Gen Con 2022 all over again, just post Pyke and Maul nerf? Yeah, basically. List felt really good vs the things it’s supposed to be good against, and then really bad versus the things it struggles against. Maul definitely outperformed my expectations, however. My two losses were to Mike (above list) and Richard (two lists down), so I can’t complain too much because they’re great players and had better lists.


Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 4

MORE. MORE! The Pykes certainly made an appearance at Cherokee 2024. Hendo brought basically the exact same list as Josh, but a little different flavor with Recon Intel on most of his squads. Solid list, has its weaknesses for sure, but all in all can dish out some serious damage and be super defensive thanks to Independent: Dodge, Outmaneuver and Vigilance.

Richard Lavery

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 5

So. Much. Fur. So many wounds. 93, for those keeping track at home. You either remove them from the table, or that’s it? You just lose. Oh, and when you’re trying to remove them from the table it’s going to be hard to keep them out of charge range thanks to the free speed 1 moves. I felt like my Pykes rolled as best they possibly could vs Richard in our Round 6 game, and it still wasn’t enough to pull out a win. That’s now 2 you’ve got on me (well, officially anyways). Great job and congrats on 5-1!

Danny Williams

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 6

Dark Troopers again… It’s okay though because it’s just one squad. That’s acceptable, but in Remnant one is all you really need. This list has lots of firepower and plenty of ways to keep the pressure on aggressive play makers hoping to work their tricks. Congrats Danny on going 5-1!

Kentucky Dan

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 7

Well Dan, at least ya threw in a BSE? Pykes are apparently still very popular and relevant seeing as how there are 29 units of them present in this article. I do like the Foot Soldiers with Cache dodges, and specifically for the mirror match I think they’re better. Lead By Example can also definitely help with the Courage 1 issues, then there’s Bossk to just really make some big shots when needed. Solid list, great pilot. Makes sense to be 5-1. Congrats Dan!

Tyler Prigden

Cherokee Open 2024 Top 8: Revenge of Crit 2 Block 8

CIS? WINNING?! No. CHANCE!? They’re the worst faction in the game?! Except… They’re not, and they have one of the most flexible lists in all Legion history. This battle force, Experimental Droids, really makes the BX droids shine, and partly the B2’s as well. It’s only a matter of time before bad units become good, and it would seem this battle force resurrected the BX’s from the graveyards of back of the shelf, bottom of the storage bin, or even possibly the unopened unit box? Tyler has been after this one for a while now, and I am beyond proud of his success with CIS. Way to put droids back on the map, and I couldn’t think of a more worthy champion for Cherokee 2024. Thanks for taking down Mike in Round 6 and proving Jyn is actually bad (Mike, Liam, and Doc Velo paid me to say this).

Congratulations to Tyler, your Cherokee Open 2024 Champion!

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