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Theorycrafting – Need For Speed

Do you have the need? The need for speed?   The Need For Speed Today [...]

Notorious Scoundrels Campaign Rules

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Star Wars Legion Unit Power Rankings – August 2020

Power Rankings It’s August – new units are on the horizon in the form of [...]

Endless’ Guide to Playing Tauntauns in Star Wars: Legion

Yep, I’m writing about this, just in case you weren’t sold on them being amazing [...]

Luke vs. Luuke

You Serve Your Master Well (YSYMW) is one of the most interesting, potentially powerful cards [...]

The Synergies of Sabine Wren

As we plug along here at the Jedha Journal I’m going to try and take [...]

Sabine Wren: Explosive Artist

Most of the information on Sabine has been out for quite some time, and this [...]

Rebel Support and the T-47 as a Beginner

We’re at the end of the Rebel forces as I am going to bunch up [...]

Chewbacca: The Lone Operative

We don’t have to much to offer here in terms of variety! Chewbacca has been [...]