In this article I will be providing a unit guide for General Veers Master Tactician in Star Wars Legion.

Overall, General Veers is a solid support commander who has been around since the early days of Legion. First, we will overview of all of his stats. Then I will discuss what upgrades are best used on Veers. Next, I will go over how to play Veers and use his command cards, and I will conclude with some list ideas.


  • Powerful support abilities
  • Two command upgrade slots
  • Inexpensive
  • 5 health behind red saves


  • Some of his command cards are situational
  • Weak attack pool



Points 80: Beside the generic Imperial Officer, General Veers is the cheapest commander in the Imperial roster. He brings solid stats for only 80 points. Typically, when playing Veers, expect to bring 10-20 points in upgrades making him cost roughly 90-100 points fully geared up.

Offense: Veers has Sharpshooter 1 and a range 1-3 E-11 Blaster Rifle. The E-11 throws 3 white dice that surge to critical with Pierce 1. While the E-11 does not have very high damage, averaging 1.13 hits unaimed and ~1.7 with an aim, Pierce 1 at range 3 can be quite useful for finishing off units. Range 3 sets Veers apart because many similar commanders such as Leia and Krennic both only have range 2 weapons. It is also worth noting that Veers surges to critical and uses white dice causing 66% of his damage to be crits. This means his attacks are versatile and do not lose much efficiency when shooting into cover or armor. In Melee, Veers only has two black dice so you should generally avoid melee engagements with Veers.

Utility/Support: Veers biggest strengths are his support abilities. His main utility is Spotter 2, which allows Veers to hand out two aims for a single action to nearby friendly units. This ability can also be augmented by Electro Binoculars to hand out 3 aims, which I will go into more detail about later. Providing aims is an amazing ability for ranged armies and augments their damage potential and consistency. Veers also has Inspire 1 which removes a single suppression from a friendly unit after Veers rallies. This is a decent ability for reducing the effects of suppression on your army. While on its own, Inspire 1 is not enough to manage all suppression, it is a welcome addition to any army. Veers Command Cards also provide support to your army, specifically his two pip provides dodges to vehicles, and his 3 pip helps manage suppression and gain value through free recovers. Veers has two Command Upgrade slots allowing him to bring a variety of support cards for your army.



Veers has two command slots that permit him to take a variety of Command upgrades in different combinations. It is worth mentioning that you do not always need to take a command upgrade unless you have a specific role it is filling.

Aggressive Tactics

Aggressive Tactics at its current cost of 15 points is usually only justified when supporting a Shoretrooper Gunline since they do not surge on defense or offense. Aggressive Tactics also requires the unit to have an order which synergizes with the Shoretroopers keyword Target 1. You typically bring this upgrade in a single commander list in order to get full value out of Aggressive Tactics.

Commanding Presence

Commanding Presence extends the range that Veers can issue orders to range 4. This is helpful in lists that bring aggressive units such as Speeder Bikes which will often be out of range 3 from Veers.

Improvised Orders

Improvised Orders allows you to draw a second order token and shuffle one of the two back into your stack. You can do this once per turn which gives you increased order control. This ability is best used in lists with multiple focus pieces allowing you to delay the activation of a unit if you draw it early.

Strict Orders

Strict Orders is one of the best ways to deal with suppression in Empire. The only drawback to this ability is the necessity of a face up order. This means it synergizes well with Shoretroopers and Aggressive Tactics. Unlike Aggressive Tactics, this card still is valuable on other units such as Stormtroopers.


Vigilance is a solid support upgrade for armies where Veers fights alongside a character like Iden with Nimble or Vader with Deflect. This card can help both these characters hold on to dodges and amplifies their defense.


General Veers - Unit Guide 6


There is only one gear that is worth taking on General Veers, in my opinion, and that is Electrobinoculars. This upgrade increases Veer’s spotter from 2 to 3 allowing Veers to supply 3 aims each time he activates. This upgrade gives amazing action economy and improves his best support ability.

How to Play

General Role:

General Veers primarily functions as a support commander, augmenting the efficiency of your army through a variety of abilities. Also, because Veers has a respectable health pool of five wounds behind red saves he can battle along with your army at range 3 adding some additional firepower. For most of the game, you will want to keep him embedded in the main part of your army so he can hand out aims with Spotter each turn. Don’t be afraid to add Veers to the fray as he has decent defense and is able to contribute at range 3.

1 Pip: Maximum Firepower

General Veers - Unit Guide 7

Maximum Firepower was one of the most powerful command cards in the game when General Veers was first released. Now, years later, it is still a solid choice. Maximum Firepower gives Veers an infinite range attack with a solid dice pool of 4 red dice that surge to critical. Maximum Firepower can pick off an exposed strike team in one shot from across the map. This card is excellent at finishing off a wounded fleeing unit. Because this attack has Impact 2 and surge to critical it is also able to be used against vehicles. I typically use this card to finish off a fleeing unit or vehicle, kill an out of position strike team, or as a priority play with an upside. It is worth noting that because the attack happens at the end of General Veers’ activation, he can double move, then attack with this weapon, making it possible to catch out units your opponent does not expect to be exposed. On objectives like Key Positions and Intercept the Transmissions, where you rush a contested area on the final turn, you need to be careful you are not too close to use the weapon profile of Maximum Firepower. This weapon fires from range 4 to infinity so anything at range 3 or less is not a valid target. This means it is sometimes better to save another 1 pip for later turns so you can use Maximum Firepower while there are still units far enough to target. Overall, Maximum Firepower is a solid card that can catch your opponent off guard if they are not prepared.

2 Pip: Evasive Maneuvers

General Veers - Unit Guide 8

Out of all General Veers command cards, Evasive Maneuvers is the most situational. First off, if you are not running a list with multiple vehicles it is probably not worth bringing this card. If you are running a list with more than one vehicle, then this is a great card. Evasive Maneuvers works best on armored units allowing them to gain a free dodge and spend dodges against crits. This adds some solid defense against hard to kill armored units. When fighting against long range critical units like ARC Troopers, Shoretroopers, and Rebel Vets blocking a crit or two can fully nullify their long range poke damage. This can give you an edge both at long range and short range. Even once distances have been closed a single free dodge combined with armor is still quite valuable.

3 Pip: Imperial Discipline

General Veers - Unit Guide 9

Imperial Discipline has only become stronger as more units and upgrades have been released. This card is a three pip which gives an order to Veers and two other units, and when any units are issued an order they may recover for free. It is useful because the recover action removes all suppression, and also readies any exhausted upgrades. There are some really beneficial combinations of upgrades that this card can support. Death Troopers with E-11D and Stormtrooper Captains create opportunities for great value when combined with offensive push and Imperial Discipline. It is also worth noting that this command card applies the recover effect to all units issued orders. This means that units who get an order from Entourage, HQ Uplink, and Seize the Initiative will recover as well. This is a great combo with HQ Uplink because you can exhaust the card to issue orders to your units allowing them to immediately recover from Imperial Discipline. Imperial Discipline provides great value and efficiency while also helping to mitigate the effects of suppression.

Lists & Archetypes

There are two main archetypes that Veers supports best in my opinion: vehicle and gunline armies. In Vehicle lists Veers supports the army with aims and increases the defense of the army through his two pip Evasive Maneuvers. In Gunlines General Veers primarily is used for his recover ability from Imperial Discipline and his aims from spotter.

Vehicle Lists

Veers Bikes

General Veers - Unit Guide 10

This list is one of the more unique armies that Veers enables. Speeder bike lists require strong order control to maneuver the bikes because they are glass cannons and will die quickly if caught in a bad position. I typically open with Assault to get orders on all the speeder bikes. Then Turn 2 you can play Imperial Discipline and activate all your HQ Uplinks. This makes it so on turn 3 and 4 you can play Evasive Maneuvers or Pinned Down and have full order control on your bikes since they have HQ Uplinks at the ready. Outside of the bikes the list is backed by a solid gunline comprised of Shoretroopers, Mortars, and Snipers who all benefit from the aims Veers provides. I personally think that Veers Bikes is a solid list choice and is severely underrated.

Veers AT-ST

General Veers - Unit Guide 11

Veers’ AT-ST list in many ways is just a gunline supported by the AT-ST. I include Aggressive Tactics in this army because General Veers is the only commander and it contains Shoretroopers. In this list you can leverage your ranged advantage between the AT-ST, Mortars, Snipers, and T-21B’s. Not many armies can keep up with the list’s firepower and suppression at range 4. I opt not to bring any repair units since many people do not even attempt to kill the AT-ST. If you stay at long range for most of the game and then close in during later turns, the AT-ST typically has plenty of health to survive.

Veers Double Tanks

General Veers - Unit Guide 12

Veers Double Tank takes advantage of the Transport: Open keyword, by placing E-Web’s in the Occupier Tanks, creating mobile gun platforms. The low number of activations is due to how expensive the Occupier Tanks are. Despite the low activation number the army packs quite a punch. Just be careful that you do not allow any activations to get picked off early because this list cannot afford to lose early activations.


Veers Bossk

General Veers - Unit Guide 13

I am a firm believer that Bossk is the best unit in Empire, so I must include a list with him. This list leverages Stormtroopers with Captains to gain extra aims with Offensive Push and also mitigate the effects of suppression. The Stormtroopers get amazing value from Imperial Discipline and every unit in the army is aim hungry, making use of spotter. This list is a fairly typical efficiency gunline, it attempts to just shoot your opponent off the table with aimed shots so that you are more or less unopposed at the end of the game for objectives. Bossk also gives the army some play through extra points you can score with Bounty.

Veers Iden

General Veers - Unit Guide 14

This army is quite similar to the previous one but I swapped out Bossk for Iden. Iden Versio is probably the best Imperial Commander at the moment. Iden benefits greatly from Vigilance and Situational Awareness since she has Nimble, but Iden does not have a command slot. This is where Veers comes in, he is able to provide Vigilance for Iden and also Imperial Discipline. Iden benefits from recovers with ID10’s shield and Offensive Push.

Middle Management

General Veers - Unit Guide 15

Middle Management has a special place in my heart as it is the list I won my first ever tournament with. This version is updated from the one I ran back in the day. I included Stormtrooper Captains, but opted for Director Krennic and a Death Trooper unit instead of Bossk or Iden. Death Troopers benefit from both aims and recovers, so they are a great pair with Veers. Krennic is mainly included for Cunning and Entourage with the Death Troopers.


While General Veers is an older unit and has fallen out of favor, he is still a strong support commander. He can synergize with almost anything in the Imperial roster since everyone likes aims. For the price, it is hard to go wrong with Veers as he is the cheapest non-generic commander. So with this guide I hope you feel inspired to dust off Veers and get him back on the table leading your Imperial force!

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    Great Article. I am taking Veers Triple Bikes to a tournament this weekend. He is absolutely the best support commander the empire has. I have been running him in practice games with Strict Orders, Commanding Presence and Portable Scanner.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for including your command/condition/objective/deployment cards. Too many of these posts don’t include them. It really helps get a better picture of how this list is meant to be played when the right cards come up.

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