This article will cover the top 8 lists for the Star Wars: Legion tournament at Lone Star Open.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. This was a wild tournament. A tournament that featured 39(!) heavy vehicles, including 15 A-A5s. A tournament where only one player brought anything resembling a serious “Rexstar.” A tournament where Vader and Dewbacks made it to the final match. Yes, really.

Anyway, let’s look at the top lists, because I know you are all salivating for those.

The top 4 and top 8 are just in the order they appear on TTO, because you have to order them somehow.

1- Bruce Merker

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 1

Boy, the T-47 sure has come a long way, huh? All it took was a 45 point cut and surge/crit.

Anyway, this is a great counter-meta call. T-47s shred armor and white saves (ahem, Rebels and CIS), and there was a lot of armor and white saves in this tournament.

2 – David Hoffman

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 2

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is Darth Vader. Those are dewbacks. This is a second place list.

Another great counter-meta call in a tournament full of aggressive Rebel lists. The A-A5/Wookiee lists all revolve around getting as close to your opponent as quickly as possible. Does that seem like a good idea when your opponent has a Dark Lord of the Sith with a laser stick and a bunch of hungry, giant lizards?

Also; Vader is better than people give him credit for. He’s always been a nightmare once he gets to his target. The problem is getting him there. When you have a bunch of thunder lizards charging across the table tying up your opponent’s units (their melee range with New Ways to Motivate them is more than Range 3, in case you were wondering) it significantly increases your chances of getting Vader on target to do the murdering thing he does.

Top 4

Bobby Joe Thomas

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 3

Hey, this looks familiar. I’m not sure I have much more to say about this list except that it’s also very good against aggressive armor skews, between Maul with his lightsaber and the B2s with their HA rockets.

Mike Gemme

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 4

I have to be honest, I think this might be my favorite list in the tournament. I’m not just biased because he knocked me out. It’s a really good list; the Wookiees and the A-A5 keep your army occupied while the T-47 just zips around zapping things and R2 beep boops to victory.

Top 8

Kyle Dornbos

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 5

Man, what a lazy schmuck. Just net listing from the last tournament.

As noted above, not much more to say about this list that hasn’t been said already. It’s really good against armor. I faced six(!) A-A5s over the course of the tournament and managed to kill all of them; although it wasn’t enough in the last match.

If you want to read more about how this list operates you can check out my article on it, Better Call Maul.

Izzy G

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 6

This is a classic “Rebel goodstuff” list. It’s very similar to Ryan Sliwoski’s top 4 list from ACO. Luke? Check. Cassian? Check. R2? Check. Bistan? Yeah I guess.

Anyway, it’s hard to argue with a list with Jedi Luke in it. Luke carries.

James Russell

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 7

Cad Bane?!? Yeah, he’s not that bad, really.

You also have an AAT and STAPs. AATs and STAPs are good. Can’t really go wrong there.

Chris Schafer

Lone Star Open - Top 8 Lists 8

Now this is interesting. Sabine is under played these days; Explosions is good against B1 blobs and clone blobs alike, and she’s really good at objectives. Chris also has Clan Wren for that sweet sweet Retinue synergy.

Of course you also have an A-A5 and Wookiees in there, because you need an A-A5 and Wookiees in there.


Well that’s it. I certainly would not have predicted Vader making the final table, or no GAR in the top 8. Rebel armor, best armor? I guess we’ll see if these trends continue once Invader League starts up in a month or so.

6 thoughts on “Lone Star Open – Top 8 Lists

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      Yeah… as noted in the intro, only one person played anything resembling a “traditional” Rexstar. A lot of the GAR lists were like 7 and 8 activation force user lists.

  1. Jared C says:

    I just bought the core set and am trying out legion for the first time. In the rules, it says you have to have 1-2 commander(s) in your army? I’ve seen a few lists in your tournament posts that don’t include commanders. Is this legal? If so, why?

    • Kyle Dornbos says:

      You can waive the commander requirement by taking a Field Commander, which is a keyword on various pilot upgrades like the T-Series pilot for AATs or Shriv for Rebel heavies.

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