The Legion World Championship draws nearer every day. With each sunset, we take one step closer to the momentous event that is Adepticon. This is not just some hodgepodge of a tabletop gaming convention set up in the lobby of a Holiday Inn, this is THE. PREMIERE. TABLETOP GAMING CONVENTION of the entire year. Folks travel from far and wide to test their mettle against the worlds’ very best Legion players in an effort to be crowned “World Champion.” How do folks plan to accomplish this?

That’s the million dollar question.

Everyone has their own ideas from list building to strategy, to tactics and tricks, and here is where this article’s importance necessity starts to shine. Anyone hoping to advance through the 9-0 or go home circuit needs to have an answer for the following lists. I will rank and break down the different lists/archetypes in-depth (by faction), assess each list a threat value of Low, Moderate, High, and Extreme (assigned on the basis of how difficult the matchup will be if you do not have the required units/keywords/etc.), then at the end I will provide what I believe are some sneakily good counter-meta tricks to consider.

All in all, you can’t prepare for every single meta-list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to prepare. Keep in mind, I am simply putting the most standard version of these lists out there, for some I may even add a dash of my own flavoring, but for the most part pay attention to the skeleton of the list, not so much the clothing.

Oh, and Inquisitors are included because they’ll be legal for Worlds.

Editor’s note: The actual rankings are obviously subjective, I’d hope that whatever dialogue this drives won’t focus on disagreements about that. But come on…how many events did Austin win this year? With multiple different archetypes too! So be nice please – Doc


It’s highly up for debate as to which faction is the best, and those who argue Empire do so on the basis of the faction has the most options. Personally, I agree Empire has the most options but I think even their best options still struggle into Clone dodge spam, but more on that to come…

Imperial Double Bounty (#3 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 1

There are many ways to arrange this archetype, and some are better than others, but nearly all of them will see the inclusion of Boba Fett. He’s a pillar of a unit, and is to be respected Galaxy(World)-Wide. The framework is Boba + bounty hunter of your choice (IG-88, Bossk, Cad, Dinn, IG-11), backed by a gunline. Very few lists can out shoot this archetype, so if you can’t out shoot it try to focus on the objective if able.


Imperial Villain Hammer V1 (#4 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 2

Wow, another Empire list with Boba Fett… But Austin I thought you agree Empire has the most options?? I said what I said, and here’s why. Boba Fett can slot into virtually any army, and while he’s not a must take, he’s a “really should take”, so expect to see Jango’s clone son if you plan on making it far at Worlds. Villain Hammer V1 is incredible vs a clone ball, but will be challenged by high wound count (not effective wounds, actual wounds) armies, and armies with medics to essentially undo the pierce chip damage.


Imperial Villain Hammer V2 (#12 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 3

Alright… I know what you’re thinking. ANOTHER BOBA FETT?! To that is my response: “Well if it works…” Double Inquisitor with Boba seems quite good vs other force users, and might even be better all-around than Villain Hammer V-1. This list also has the option of dropping Boba and the medic for Kallus and heavies on both shores. No matter the flavor, force users will struggle vs double Inquisitor backed by a formidable gunline.


Blizzard Force – Vader (#11 Overall)

Yes, it’s still a thing and it comes in two flavors that both do play very differently.

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 4

In its most basic form (still highly functional) Vader Blizzard can easily bid 22 points. While most players are no longer taking Choke, I think this might be the one list where it’s still needed, unfortunately. As you see, there are lots of points to play with here, so the take away is you shouldn’t (keyword here, you can play whatever you want, just know what you’re risking potentially) play a list that NEEDS a bid unless you can compete with Vader Blizzard.


Blizzard Force – Veers AT-ST (#9 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 5

This is flavor #2, and even though I have it listed below Vader Blizzard, I personally think this will be the most common and consistent version. Another activation and an AT-ST is a significant difference. This version is obviously more susceptible to Impact spam, but it’s better than the Vader version in almost every other department when it comes to its burst damage at range and its ability to truly use blue player to its advantage.


Imperial Remnant (#17 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 6

Remnant was the most difficult to come up with in terms of a “standard build.” Nonetheless, I expect something like this to be the most effective and consistent version. T-21 Scouts are a great option, but as you can see we don’t have the points for them in this version. Moff Gideon is also an option, which opens up a wide variety of new possibilities in terms of list structure/tactics/etc. Point is, be prepared for every possible permutation of Remnant, oh I did the math and it’s 3(6 x 4 x 8^2) x 4 x 2^3 = 147, 456. Yes, this accounts for every. single. possible. option (limited to units and heavy weapon choices only) available in Remnant. If you don’t believe me, do the math yourself!


Double Dark Troopers (#5 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 7

Yes, they still exist. Double activating just like old times. This is probably the most common list, and I’m just going to warn you readers now, they are still an extreme threat because if you don’t have Impact 12+ AND sources of Pierce, you may need some luck to avoid a loss.


Tempest Force – Triple At-St (#8 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 8

For anyone who’s yet to play against this mammoth of a list, be forewarned! You’ll need to roll crits. Same as dealing with the double Dark Troopers, if you don’t have Impact 12+ or reliable crit generation, you. are. in. trouble. Did I mention all 3 towers can shoot you in your deployment zone on most deployment layouts?



“Poor Rebels don’t have competitive options.” I hope you don’t believe that after reading this article. Regrettably they don’t have many options, but they have some heavy hitters. Some of their lists even share the same “box check” concept that Armor skews started.

Bright Tree Village (#6 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 9

Cry Yub Nub and let slip the Ewoks of war! Bright Tree is not a meme, it’s not a list that you discard when having a discussion about competitive lists, and it’s certainly not a list I want to catch me unprepared. The murder bears can dominate most lists on a few different objectives, but they do need quite the bid to do so. Let’s do a quick mini count here: 62 models. No red saves in sight, but no red saves needed and here’s why. With Low-Profile shaving off an additional hit, Ewoks will shrug off most small dice pools. Sure, larger dice pools will mow them down, but you’re almost always using 2 activations to do so. “Just lost a 40 point unit, oh well still out activate you by 4+” should be the official motto of this list.


Echo Base Defenders (#10 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 10

Remember when EBD was all the rage? Hold At Any Cost was the most broken card in the game? Well, what happened there? Where’d the respect go? This list can tango in more than one way. It specializes in spreading out enemy armies and picking off weak acts early.


Cassian Boba Gunline (#7 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 11

Here’s probably the most solid and consistent Rebel list, and likely their best option against Clones. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s just trying to cut it 1000 times. This is also run with an FD for anti-armor hedge, and you basically just swap the 3rd vet squad and net some extra points for a Recon Intel on Boba.



There’s no surprise this faction has the two lists to beat… Both involve Padme, and both have Force Users backed by some of the best guns in the game. Let’s not waste any more time dilly-dallying.

Anakin Padme Dodge Spam (#1 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 12

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is. THE list to beat. It’s got a good trick or two, but it doesn’t need them to just face roll opponent’s lists. 9/10 times , if you’re facing this list without a massive investment in High Velocity Pierce, you stand little chance when it comes to winning the fight. You either need to find a way to spread it out, or bust the bunker.


Yoda Padme Clones (#2 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 13

We have much to be consider in determining how much Yoda can influence a game of Legion, but if you find yourself up against a seasoned veteran who knows what they’re doing it will be one of the hardest games of Legion you’ll ever experience. Options are the name of this list’s game. You cannot avoid it, you cannot out shoot it (unless you’re playing Anakin), and you cannot out objective it 9/10 times. If you don’t plan on facing the list above, you had better be prepared for something like this. The only weakness of the list is its vulnerability to being spread out by other very specific list archetypes.


Wookiee Defenders (#16 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 14

Not to be forgotten, but not nearly as meta-defining as its two bigger siblings. You sort of pick your flavor with this archetype, and the Wookiees will either be trying to melee you while the Flutters kite, or the Wookiees will be trying to shoot you while the Flutters drop bombs. The two are sort of interchangeable. Either way, be prepared to deal with dirty rugs charging at you.



Let’s just be real, yes I love droids but I don’t think they have a list that’s any more than Medium Threat. This is the part of the article where I just try to justify running my favorite faction. They have some options, but none of them are the greatest.

Experimental Droids (#15 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 15

There are a few different renditions of this list, but I think something like this is the most consistent as it has quite good objective play on most objectives, and can also put up a formidable fight if necessary. It gets absolutely clobbered by Clone dodge spam lists however. It’s not even close…


CIS Double Bounty (#14 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 16

I think this is probably the best CIS has to offer. It’s not great into Clones, but it’ll get the job done vs a lot of other lists. You can also drop a naked B-1 for some PKs and aim support for Bossk. All in all, solid into some lists, but definitely not a game-breaking list.


Double AAT (#13 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 17

Not much to say here honestly. Just two HV AATs backed up by a few E5s and three PKs. Should do well vs some lists, but will probably struggle vs a good force user list. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a good counter meta pick, but it can definitely get worked by impact spam, especially Impact and Pierce in the same pools.


Shadow Collective

The faction, er, “Battleforce” has certainly seen better days. There might be one or two lists you should consider for worlds, and that’s about it. One, we haven’t seen it in a while, and it’s more along the lines of a meme, but it’s a good meme.

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 18

Double AA5 Swoops and BSE (#Tied for 18 Overall)

Mad Max Fury Road goes Legion, baby. For those who have ever played against this, you already know what it does. For those who haven’t, I advise you have a plan just in case it shows up. It’s still kind of a meme, but it has lots of potential.

Fish (#Tied for 18 Overall)

Star Wars Legion: A Worlds Meta Checklist 19

Just point and shoot, it hurts a bit being able to take a whole fewer act but free dodges are free dodges, plus one of the best offensive dice pools out there.



Worlds is almost upon us. LVO has just finished, and there will be a mob forming at my door for not including the winning list here, but what I will say is Obi Wan is a great counter-counter meta pick. This means, he’s good at countering the things trying to counter clones. If I were to start grasping for counter-counter meta lists, it would inevitably evolve into a time-loop paradox where I both find myself living out the rest of my life in reverse, coming closer and closer to the value of counter-counter^∞, and at the same time aging exponentially. Here’s a visual of how that would work. So yeah, let’s not do that.

When attempting to counter the meta, you should consider at least two aspects of the game: Fightin’, and Objective-in’. You can push one way or another, but a truly great “sneakily good” list must have a sole purpose in one of those two categories. Anyway, I hope this article has at least shed some light on what to prepare for come Worlds 2024. I cannot wait to celebrate it. Here’s to hoping Legion’s lifespan is to the power of ∞!

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