This series of posts will be a companion to Season 3 of the Fifth Trooper Podcast.

This week we are starting at the very beginning: You just bought a Star Wars Legion core set… now what?

On this weeks episode on The Fifth Trooper Podcast I walk you through a number of recommendations on what to do next.

I think all of them are important but the big takeaways are as follows:

  1. Find a friend who wants to play too. This way you can spread the cost of a core set between two of you and you now have a buddy to play with! I also recommend switching factions between the two of you, I know you love the Droids but this way you’ll know for sure. It will also help you understand the game better and yourself as a player.
  2. Make sure you play the core game at least 5-10 times to make sure you really like the game. I know a lot of us can get really excited about Star Wars and about gaming, this can sometimes overshadow our enjoyment of the game itself.
  3. Join the community! Best way to find out about the game and all its nuisances is to ask other like minded people! Below is a list of some of the community links:
    1. Discord:
    2. Facebook:
    3. Reddit:
  4. Look deeper into the Star Wars: Legion rules. You will for sure run into these if you keep going on your journey. Also, if you plan on trying skirmish make sure to check those rules out as well.
    1. Rules Reference Guide
    2. Skirmish Rules Reference Guide
  5. If you want to play more and are struggling to find people locally or just can’t make in person happen buy Tabletop Simulator, get the Star Wars: Legion Mod and find players on the Discord group.
  6. Ask questions! The community is a great place to find out what you may like or dislike about the game. Also, having a group of like minded players will absolutely help enhance your experience and love for the game.

Well those are some high points of what to do next after you bought a core set. If you want a quick primer on Learning to play Star Wars: Legion, you can check out our Video below! Join me next week as I go over the 4 factions and their play styles!