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MagnaGuard Unit Guide

This guide will cover how I use IG-100 MagnaGuard units in my games, with pros [...]

I Came To World’s To Drink Tea and Kick Ass, And I’m All Out Of Tea…

This article will walk through my experience at the 2023 World Championships for Star Wars: [...]

UK Worlds Practice Event

The Chosen Few Across the Atlantic Ocean on a small island, a group of Legion [...]

Terrain Layout Guide

This article will cover setting up terrain for Star Wars: Legion. Over the last couple [...]

Worlds Open Qualifier at London Grand Tournament

The History of London GT The London Grand Tournament (LGT) is one of the biggest [...]

MK:GT 2022 Recap

It has now been two weeks since the inaugural Milton Keynes Grand Tournament (MK:GT) for [...]

The Fast Return of the Bounty Hunters 

Following my recent success running Dooku and the double Magnaguards at UKGE, I wanted to [...]

Community Building

Community 101 I’ve owned Legion since it was first released, but I didn’t start playing [...]

UK Worlds Qualifier at UK Games Expo

3 – 4 June 2022 / Birmingham, UK Welcome to my recap of the first [...]

Tournament Recap: May The Force Be With You at Element Games

Intro Welcome to my first blog for the Fifth Trooper. I’m going to be writing [...]