Well troopers, we did it. The game I have been telling you about from the early episodes of our podcast The Fifth Trooper, is finally back and we are publishing it!

Cubicle Raiders has been a long journey for me personally that started way back in 2016 with an idea that was based in space rather than in an office. It grew from their as a few friends and myself worked out the development and finally landed on a theme.

We made a game: Cubicle Raiders 1
Manager Pete Celebrating GenCon 50

In the summer of 2017 we debuted the game at GenCon 50 with a Kickstarter campaign starting up shortly after. I learned a lot in the week I was at GenCon and even more in our eventual failure of our Kickstarter campaign.

After the Kickstarter failed to launch I took some time off tooling with the game here and there but it wasn’t until The Fifth Trooper got into gear that I thought we could have a second chance.

So with all of that and after months of play testing by the squad here at TFTN we are finally back with Cubicle Raiders and I am so very excited!

We made a game: Cubicle Raiders 2

We are doing it as a crowdfunding project here on TFT and really hope that you would help support us and our dream of getting this game into people’s hands!