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Wicket & Ewoks

Today we’re going to a look at the newly revealed cards for the Hero of [...]

Invasion Force

One of the battleforces that has oft piqued my interest, but is not nearly as [...]

Rapid(ish) Reactions: Commander Cody

In the furor around Adepticon and Worlds, AMG finally showed off all of Commander Cody’s [...]

Timbo’s Worlds 2023 Overview

It finally happened! After years of hype we finally got to see the second Legion [...]

Rocky Mountain Open Top 8

Last weekend (March 11-12) Front Line Gaming hosted the Rocky Mountain Open in Denver Colorado. [...]

Shadow Collective Mandalorians – A Second Look

In this time of an oppressive Empire (they’ll claim they just want peace and order), [...]

LVO 2023 Overview

Over the last weekend (Jan 27-29) I got to attend LVO for the second time. [...]

3D Printing for Miniature Wargamers

Today we’re going to take a break from learning the game of Star Wars Legion [...]

Unit Guide – Boba Fett – Daimyo of Mos Espa

Today we are going to take a look at the new Daimyo in town himself, [...]

Pax Unplugged: Top 8

Over the past weekend, Dec 2nd-4th 2022, there was a Legion tournament held at Pax [...]