This series of posts will be a companion to Season 3 of the Fifth Trooper Podcast.

This week we are talking about how to get your minis table ready!

On this weeks episode on The Fifth Trooper Podcast we walk through what you will need from tools all the way to basing materials, in order to get your minis table ready.

Painting Tools for Star Wars Legion Minis

Depending on which core set and which expansion packs you have for Star Wars Legion will determine what tools you will need. Though it won’t hurt to have all of these on hand as you progress through the hobby side of Legion.

Hobby Knife

No matter what you have or what you plan on doing you will always need a Hobby Knife. These are the cornerstone of any great Hobbyist’s tool set and will always come in handy.

You can get anything from an exacto knife from your local big box store or you can get a knife that is tailor made for the hobby.

They all run under $10 dollars and are a must have for any hobby enthusiast.

Precision Cutters

Another tool that will always come in handy are cutters. I know what you’re thinking these look a lot like wire cutters… they are not.

Precision cutters for minis are a very specific and (excuse the rephrasing) precise tool that are needed for minis.

Whether you have Star Wars Legion minis that are on racks or the soft plastic figures, these cutters will help you get your minis trimmed down and ready for paint.


Depending on the type of mini you have will depend on the glue you will need.

On the Star Wars Legion minis that are not on the racks (like droids) and are the softer plastic you will want to use Super Glue if you want to speed up the process you can always use an accelerant.

For the harder plastic minis (the ones on racks) you’ll want to use plastic glue. This will actually weld the pieces together for a longer lasting hold.

Paint Brushes

A good set of paint brushes can help you deliver that amazing paint job you’ve been looking to bet.

There is nothing worse then trying to do fine miniature details with the wrong brush. With a set designed specifically for minis you can be sure you’ll have the right brush for the right job.

Most hobby brush sets will have your fine detail brushes as well as your dry brush, wash brush and layering brushes.

Mini Holder

The mini painting handle is by no means a necessity for painting minis, but boy does it sure help.

This helps you get into your model without your fingers in the way. Also, helps with that accidental breaking of minis from trying to hold onto it at a certain angle.

These are also really nice for keeping your mini while the glue dries as well. Again, not a must have but a real nice to have.

These are all some great tools to get you going in the hobby space of Star Wars Legion. If you want to see more hobby items including paints and basing material visit the hobby section of our store!

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  1. Justin says:

    Dustin mentioned being able to find affordable airbrushes on Amazon, are there any particular models you guys would recommend. Planning on using it primarily for basing/finishing as I live in a humid area, but maybe some vehicle work as well.

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