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Alpha Games Store Championship

With the store championship season well underway and with the first store championship I attended [...]

I Came To World’s To Drink Tea and Kick Ass, And I’m All Out Of Tea…

This article will walk through my experience at the 2023 World Championships for Star Wars: [...]

Timbo’s Worlds 2023 Overview

It finally happened! After years of hype we finally got to see the second Legion [...]

Nordics Denmark Qualifier 2022 and SoCal Open Recap

Hej ven?! Sup bro?! Would you like to know what happened at two big tournaments [...]

The Fast Return of the Bounty Hunters 

Following my recent success running Dooku and the double Magnaguards at UKGE, I wanted to [...]

LVO Overview

Over last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Las Vegas Open (LVO). In [...]

Notorious Scoundrels Campaign Rules

As many of you know, the Notorious Scoundrels have started a campaign on Today we’re [...]

The Road to Worlds – Part VIII – Icarus

The Road to Worlds – Part VIII – Icarus Welcome back to the Road to [...]

CAPA Cup 2019 Recap and CIS Thoughts

800/800 (9 activations) Commanders:  – General Grievous (175): Strict Orders (5), Aggressive Tactics (10), Tenacity [...]

We’re Not Programmed!

  This Invader League season I decided to play the Grand Army of the Republic, [...]