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Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone 1

If you have been listening to the Scoundrels or had a chance to listen to the first episode of our new season of The Fifth Trooper Podcast, you have heard me talk about the Legion highlander list. If you have no idea what I am talking about here is a quick primer…

Watch the TFT S4E1 to hear about our lists.

Highlander Primer

A few months ago, Evan challenged me to bring a highlander list to a local tourney that we were playing at. The idea of the Highlander list is that you can only take one of each unit and upgrade. The only exception is the base corps unit (stormtroopers, rebel troopers, phase 1s, B1s). As an example, if I brought 3 stormtrooper corps units they cannot all have DLT-19s, because that can only be used once.

 Ok so you have the general gist now, right? Great.

This article is going to be a general challenge to all of you out there in Legion land to build your best Highlander lists! But before you do, I am going to lay out the objectives and build a list for each faction as examples.

Highlander Objectives

  • Have Fun! – This is an exercise in fun, first and foremost.
  • Find interesting Combos/Synergies – Can you find combos that are new or interesting?
  • Win one game – When playing you will be a success if you win just one game!

Now that we have out of the way, I have built 4 list examples and will discuss my thoughts and choices…. Here we go!

Empire Highlander List

Of course, I am going to start with my favorite faction… I am calling this list – Yes, Disintegrations. This is a crazy list that will keep your opponents on their toes and be fun to play.

Let’s start at the top… Commander Vader. The idea of this list is to get Vader in the mix round 1 or 2 and while he is buried in your opponent’s lines, you use everything else to pressure the rest of their army. For example, if Vader is mixing it up with your opponent’s front lines you can use Bossk and Boba Fett to chase after their commander for that sweet bounty.

The other thing about this list is you have multiple New Ways to Motivate them targets for extra actions depending on the objective. A “new ways to motivate” turn on Boba for a center objective grab on recover is no joke.

This is a pure chaos list which is one of may favorite types of lists! Click here for the list.

Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone 2

Rebels Highlander List

On to the good ‘ole rebellion! This list is called – Chewy’s Delivery Service. I really like the idea of having Han and Chewy together and also including all the shenanigans of the party bus too.

The idea behind this list is really in the name… delivering the Wookies, Chewy and/or Han into the mix and get off some quick wounds. With the A-A5 with Wookies, the Landspeeder with Han and chewy on his way your opponent will have a lot on their hands by turn 2.

Alternatively, you could have Han and Chewy stay back with your other support units while the Truck and Speeder menace your opponent and you can chase the objectives in the back.

I like the “all comers” feel of this list and think it would be super fun on the table. Click here for the list.

Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone 3

Republic Highlander List

Well, what can I really say except – YHWARGHHHHHHHHHH!

This is a Kashyyyk Defense force army. This list is vehicle heavy and really takes advantage of quick strikes and flanking the enemy. I like the idea of a bunch of vehicles zooming around the board like bugs being annoying while you setup your attacks from your back lines.

Just when your opponent takes out one of your flying pests that’s when the wookies start hitting hard. This feels like a really fun list and will keep your opponent on their toes. Check out the list here.

Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone 4

CIS Highlander List

Now we finally get to the droid menace. The list I am affectionally calling – An Artificial World.

Really with this list I was just going for a no name mass of droids. I think there is a lot of threats in this list that all do different things. The idea is to just to test the limits of your opponents list by throwing different tactics at them and seeing where they fail.

You have multiple units that deal with melee and can protect your back lines or jump into the fray. So, you can really decide on what tactics you want to take to be either aggressive or defensive. I think it’s an interesting list that could hold up against a lot of different challenges. Check out the list here.

Highlander Lists – Fun for everyone 5

Now get out there and play! Let me know in the comments how it went and what you’re playing!

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