You have all been asking for this for so long and its time we deliver. Post by Rachael!

Mississippi Pot roast

Serves 6-8/Prep time 20 mins/cook time 2-3 hours


1 oven bag

1 large beef pot roast

1 packet ranch dip mix

1 packet brown gravy mix

1 packet onion soup mix

1 16oz jar pepperoncini’s

½ stick butter

2 tablespoons minced garlic

2 cubes beef bouillon

2 tablespoons flour

Salt and pepper to taste

Mashed potatoes

Mississippi Pot Roast 1 Mississippi Pot Roast 2 Mississippi Pot Roast 3 Mississippi Pot Roast 4


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Put 2 tablespoons flour in oven bag, close, and shake to coat inside of bag. Set inside glass baking dish open, set aside

In a large skillet, brown minced garlic and butter. Add roast and sear meat on all sides.

Place buttery, garlicky meat flat inside oven bag.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Add beef bouillon

Sprinkle meat with dry ranch, brown gravy and onion soup mixes.

Dump jar of pepperoncini’s over all above ingredients, including the juice from the jar.

Seal oven bag and place beefy deliciousness in the oven. Cook for 2-3 hours until you can see the liquid in the oven bag bubbling.

Serve over mashed potatoes for premium experience.  I like to use yellow potatoes, but you do you!


Enjoy! -Rachael

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