Hey Troopers,

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the future of The Fifth Trooper. Last week, Evan and I announced that we would be expanding the scope of the podcast to other games. I know a lot of you have concerns and questions about where that leaves you – the Legion community. We are in no way reducing our Legion activities down as a company; just expanding our cast to include more hobbies, games, and communities. I know that a lot of you are primary interested in Legion, and that is great; we will be shifting our content so that you will still have a place at The Fifth Trooper. Here is what we are planning:

  • Legion Podcasts – Notorious Scoundrels is going to be making changes in the near future that will expand the scope of their podcast beyond the competitive community, generating more content for the overall Legion community. I am very excited about what they have in store and I think you will be too.
  • Legion Patreon – We will be adding reward levels that will be specific to the type of reward you want. If you want legion rewards those will be available and in full force. However, we will be adding other levels that will broaden the spectrum of what you will get.
  • Legion Content – We will still be producing Legion content on our Blog and our YouTube pages that will be strictly for Legion. There are plans to expand that content as well and offer more.
  • The Fifth Trooper Podcast – As Evan and I said we will be moving our cast around the gaming and “geek” world to hopefully bring new, engaging content to our listeners while jumping back to Legion when it is prudent. I would hope that you all stick with us on this adventure and we can discover new things together!
  • We have added our mission statement and values as a company to the website that may further your understanding of these changes and our beliefs. https://thefifthtrooper.com/about-us/

Evan and I have a large variety of interests that expand beyond Legion and are looking forward to the opportunity to explore and grow. We are forever grateful to you for joining us on the journey thus far and hope that you will stick with us as we adventure into the “geek” wilderness. Whatever your decision, whether to join us or move on, we wish you nothing but joy in your gaming life!

Your Friend,


One thought on “To the Future!

  1. Tom B. says:

    I for one welcome the change. I’ll be honest, as someone who is new to Legion the competitive heavy focus of your podcasts is hard to listen too, and full of ‘inside baseball’ level stuff and why i stopped listening. The few generic gaming ones you did (Fifth Tile I think had three releases) those for me were a lot more interesting. I can’t remember if that was the one you talked video games too.

    My only request is keep them < an hour each. My commute is only so long 🙂

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