This series of posts will be a companion to Season 3 of the Fifth Trooper Podcast.

This week we are covering factions: What play style does each faction have and what should I buy next?

On this weeks episode on The Fifth Trooper Podcast I walk you through each Faction style and what you should be looking at next:

Star Wars Legion Factions

The Empire

Star Wars Legion - Empire

The empire goons love them some suppression. When playing empire or even thinking about play empire you’ll want to keep in mind that suppression (like the force) is a powerful ally.

The Imperials can not only dish it it out but they love working with suppression. With keywords like compel and Commander Vader just plain ignoring suppression, this will be a go to tool in your tool belt.

What do I buy next for the Empire?

Remember these are recommendations only and your decision will all depend on your play style and really what you want to have on the table.

  • Gunline Play – You want to throw lots of dice from a distance and shoot and push up.
    • Krennic – With compel, cunning and and entourage Death Troopers, the director is a great leader for any imperial gunline.
    • Shore Troopers – These bad boys are a big improvement on the corps troop slot. With a ton of dice and the Mortar companion you are a long distance machine.
    • Scout Trooper Strike Team – These long range snipers are a great clean up crew and add even more of that sweet suppression.
    • Bossk – Bossk is a versatile piece that has range, options and is tough as nails. Adding the lizard to your army is a huge upgrade.
  • Aggressive Play You want to get in there quick and put up some numbers.
    • Iden – With all the options and tool sets available to Iden she can be that aggressive push forward unit you need but also hold your flank when times are tough.
    • Inferno Squad/Special Forces – These units are a fantastic add to your army especially when Iden is in the mix. Again, there is a lot of options when these boys are in play.
    • Stormtrooper(s) with DLT-19 – So you have some in the core box but you are going to need more. I recommend playing the DLT-19 just due to the number of viable vehicles in the game.
  • Vehicle Play – You want the big guns.
    • Veers – Veers is a clear winner for vehicles both in his command cards and playstyle.
    • ATST – The chicken walker is a bad mamajama. Lots of dice, great line of sight, and a ton of potential.
    • Speeder Bikes – They’re back baby! So when running bikes you’ll want three units unless the are a support for a larger vehicle.

The Rebels

Star Wars Legion - Rebels

After watching all the movies and TV shows we all know that the rebels loooooove those heroes. Star Wars Legion is no different. The heroes are must haves in any Rebels army.

The Rebellion is built on hope. With a hero focused army you will have big highs and you’ll be waiting for your moment. You will most likely want a minimum of 2 heroes in your rebellion list.

What do I buy next for the Rebellion?

Remember these are recommendations only and your decision will all depend on your play style and really what you want to have on the table.

  • Hero Focus – You want the heroes to really shine.
    • Leia – You already have commander Luke and are ready for a little wonder twins action! Leia is an amazing support piece that plays well in a number of playstyles for the Rebels.
    • Operative Luke – OP Luke is a beast and frankly one of the best units in the game. He is the rock of any rebel list.
    • Sabine – This Mandalorian bad ass is a super star swiss army knife that can play multiple roles in your army.
  • Tactical Play Waiting for your moment with a larger force and more concentrated strikes.
    • Cassian/K2-SO – This team up is the hope you’ll need! They are a great add to your rebel army with lots of options.
    • Rebel Troopers DLT 20A – The rebels have achieved range. The DLT is an amazing piece for the rebels especially in a more tactical play style.
    • Rebel Commando Strike Team – Every party has a sniper that’s why we invited you. These are great clean up crew and cheap activation for a tactical play list.
  • Aggressive Play – You want the big shiny toys.
    • TaunTaun Riders – Hit ’em hard, hit ’em fast. The Tauns are an aggressive fast unit that can really throw a wrench in an opponents play.
    • Mandalorian Resistance – Teaming these elite warriors up with OP Luke or Sabine can really create an aggressive front line for you list.
    • T-47 – It’s from the movie! These were not great for a while in Star Wars Legion but are starting to see a resurgence especially by getting in the back line of your opponents army.

The Republic

Star Wars Legion - Republic

Here come the clones! These copy cats are amazing at activation control and allow you to make a longer play for the goal line. Republic armies can be a slow burn army that can take time to see the fruits of you labor.

With a number of Heroes and strong units the republic is a real difficult army for any opponent to face.

What do I buy next for the Republic?

Remember these are recommendations only and your decision will all depend on your play style and really what you want to have on the table.

  • Move Forward – You want to take the battle to them.
    • Rex – Rex is amazing commander that works real well with your corp units. He can really help you lay down some damage early in the game.
    • Padme – Padme is a fantastic support unit with multiple options and can also use that Secret Mission keyword to get you those extra points.
    • Arc Trooper Strike Team – They’re good. They’re damn good. These take snipers to the next level and make your opponents real real sad.
  • Aggressive Play Crush their spirits and their will.
    • Obi-Wan – Force users can sometimes be a lone gun unit but Obi-Wan has some great support features that really make him a great piece.
    • Saber Tank – Aggressive, big, and fast. These tanks are no joke and are a force to recon with on any battle field.
    • Phase II – An upgraded corp unit that won’t panic as easy and makes most of their shots. What’s not like?


Star Wars Legion - Droids

CIS or better known as droids are a true horde army that give you perfect order control every turn. So you will have the numbers and the ability to use them.

This objective focused army is very good at holding objectives, flanks, and punishing your opponent.

What do I buy next for CIS?

Remember these are recommendations only and your decision will all depend on your play style and really what you want to have on the table.

  • Horde Crush – You want your opponent to wish they didn’t try to take that objective.
    • AAT – The AAT is the best heavy unit in the game. Coupled with field commander you can have a lot flexibility.
    • MORE B1s – You need more, more, MORE!
    • Generic Commander – If you want to have a 2 front attack you may want to consider running one of these generics.
  • Aggressive Play Crush their spirits and their will.
    • Maul – Maul is a great aggressive operative that can cause some real issues for your opponent.
    • Dooku – A master sith and a master of the battlefield. Dooku will really force your opponents hand while they are being buried in droid bodies.
    • STAP Riders – Like speeder bikes but better! They are fast aggressive and tough to kill.

In General

If you plan on playing outside of your home at any point in the future either competitively or just at a store you will need to get Priority Supplies and Vital Assets.

Both of those sets are battlefields expansions that add more objectives cards to you deck. These will be pretty crucial in the building your armies and setting yourself up for success.