Adepticon took place last weekend, and we’re going to take a look at the top eight finishers.

Just some quick stats provided by

For day two the average activation count was ten, this is a bit higher than the past few tournaments.

The top eight was comprised of three Separatists, three Imperial, and two Rebels.

Adepticon was a swiss tournament where you had to go 3-1 on day one to make day two. To make day three you had to go 4-0 on day two.

Elephant in the room… you will not find any Republic players on this list. Out of 37 players that made day 2 (with a 3-1 record or better) only three were Republic players. None of them made day 3 and only one even had a winning record on day 2. Sad clone noises.

Four people made day three single eliminations, with twelve people going 3-1 on day two. This bracket of 3-1s was broken up by SOS giving us our top eight.


Jacob Anderson – 8

Adepticon Top 8 1

In eighth place we have Jacob Anderson. This list is a fairly typical Force User plus gunline. This list has eight units that all want to be aim shooting at range 3, and a Vader who wants to get to the enemy lines and start gutting the enemy army. Vader is aided by Burst of Speed to get him there as quick as possible. Vader also really likes this corps centric army. Vader is able to compel all the corps, and he is equipped with Esteemed Leader so he can pass saves to the less valuable corp. This list also has two E-Webs which can add a good backbone to the gunline.

Koray Satili – 7

Adepticon Top 8 2

Koray Satili brought a fairly standard CIS list, but threw in a tank on the side. This list trades a second unit of Magnas for the AAT, plus a B1 squad and some upgrades. This list has quite the range 4 firepower, able to attack and force saves with six units. This list wants to maintain the range 4 game and beat opponents with attrition.

Kiramode (Danny Trujillo) – 6

Adepticon Top 8 3

Kiramode brought a very ‘W’ key list. This list wants to charge and get stuck in with the enemy and do it quickly. Everything in this list is designed around charging. The biggest piece is of course Luke Skywalker. Interestingly enough Luke has rather unorthodox force slot choices. Push, Mind Trick and Force Lift is a combo that is rarely seen. Force users with three slots can often spare one of them for lift, and when going to a big tournament, Force Lift can help prevent a bad table from really harming you. The barricade can also help keep all the aggressive units alive. The bus in this list is very light on upgrades keeping it cheap. The bus is there to get other units into the fight safely. Along with Force Lift the bus can ensure that you have decent cover no matter the table.

Daniel Allbritton-Lupo – 5

Adepticon Top 8 4

Lupo brought a Count Dooku list with him to Adepticon. He also included some other of the excellent CIS elements. Three E-5Ss and two loaded Magnas help round the list out with lots of bodies, decent range 4 threat, and good guardian options for Dooku. This fits into the general mold of Force User with gunline. This gunline however brings two additional melee units that can keep the Force User alive and help destroy the enemy in melee.

Evan Bulriss – 4

Adepticon Top 8 5

Evan Bulriss, of Fifth Trooper fame. Brought with him a LAAT, that’s right, a LAAT. He even managed to make day three, going 4-0 on day two. This list wants to drop Darth Vader in the middle of the enemy army as soon as possible. With the LAAT this can be accomplished incredibly quickly. This list also manages to pack a decent amount of gunline support behind it. This is critical as if you put all your attention into the LAAT and Vader, as you probably need to do, then the list can start really hurting you with guns.

Matt Bronson (Zeusjus) – 3

Adepticon Top 8 6

Zeusjus decided to bring with him a Luke Skywalker list. This list is very much in the ‘Force User with Gunline’ mold. This list brings two Rebel Officers and Five DLT Captains. This core of seven units acts as a giant anvil and is incredibly resilient. One issue the corps could possibly have is getting the units setup with dodges turn one, as well as a unit of troopers will end up with no dodge every turn. This Luke as a more standard loadout of Force Push, Burst of Speed and Saber Throw. Luke also brings a newer upgrade, Into the Fray. This upgrade is one that has been floating around for Luke more, it makes Luke even more resilient. Also makes him much more resilient against multiple punches, which is quite common right now with Wookiees, Magnas, etc.

Luke Cook – 2

Adepticon Top 8 7

We’ve finally got to the top two.

Luke Cook, (forever and always world champion) was the second place finisher. I do have to say that the final game was incredibly close, literally on a knife-edge. I won’t ruin it for you; go check out the stream (Fifth Trooper YouTube).

Luke brought a take on the Iden Tac Strike list. Deciding to incorporate three speeder bikes is a unique thing though. This list follows most of the conventions of typical Tac Strike lists. The bikes however do make the list even more aggressive. Turn one you could infiltrate very aggressively and the bikes could still catch up to support the army. This list is also very objective agnostic and can play basically any objective with decent competency.

Goreshde – 1

Adepticon Top 8 8

The winning list of Adepticon run by Goreshde was a Cad Bane list. All the Cad Chads out there can rejoice! This list, other than Cad, basically fits into the general CIS list archetype. Kalani, two Ion Spiders, a Magna, plenty of B1s and some heavy weapons. This list basically takes all the best of CIS and then sprinkles in Cad. Cad is certainly a piece that has a time and place, and is in fact really good in that time and place. Cad really suffers from the ‘good unit in a great faction’ problem. Hopefully with the future release of Shadow Collective we will see better places for Cad and all the other bounty hunters.


Another big tourney come and gone. Fun times were had, grudges were settled. Hopefully everyone has a chance to make it out to a big tourney sometime in their legion career as they truly are an amazing time. Maybe I’ll even be able to make it to Adepticon next year.

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    Thanks for the streaming link. I’m newer to the game and it helps me to understand better the highest levels of completive play from the best. Total treat to see the champion luke play.

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