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Turn 0 Deep Dive

Picture this: You’re playing in your local store/tournament/WOQ and you’re having a debrief with your [...]

Hostage Exchange Overview

I have found myself playing a lot of Hostage Exchange in the past little while. [...]

The Road to Worlds – Part VIII – Icarus

The Road to Worlds – Part VIII – Icarus Welcome back to the Road to [...]

Complete the Secret Mission

This article will teach you how to score Secret Mission with some degree of reliability. [...]

Vital Assets and you – A modest guide

Vital Assets is the newest, hottest, supposed-to-have-been-released-already thing to not hit the shelves for Legion.  [...]

Outer Rim Tactics: Positive Turn Zero and Objective Plays

Welcome back to Outer Rim Tactics, where we dive in-depth on specific strategies, fundamentals, and [...]

Objectives as a Beginner

I saved the trickiest subject for last, Objective Cards. There’s a lot that can go [...]

Condition Cards as a Beginner

  Last week we went over the deployment zones and today we’ll continue onward with [...]

Deployment Zones as a Beginner

  I wanted to get a few more games under my belt before tackling something [...]