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Learning to Count in Star Wars: Legion

Learning to Count In Star Wars: Legion One of the largest goals of Legion 101 [...]

Community building 101 – Part 1

“Hey! How’s it going?” I ask as I notice a person standing to the side [...]

Help, I’m Being Suppressed – How Suppression works in Star Wars Legion

When I first started playing Legion, suppression was simply a thing that happened, and I [...]

Star Wars:Legion Clone Wars Unboxing

Hello Troopers! We got our hands on the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars core set [...]

Competitive List Building For Dummies

This week I’m partnering with one of my good friends, Kevin from the Imperial Discipline [...]

Suppression Tables

Quick article this week, as I am prepping to have my hopes and dreams crushed [...]

Defensive Metrics – Effective Wounds

This week we are taking a break from the unit deep dives to look at [...]

SW Legion, Introduction: Risk Management and Efficiency

It was a steamy night at the local game store.  I was sweating, slightly.  Nerd [...]