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Points Update – Staff Reactions

Finally, we have our “post worlds” points update for Star Wars: Legion! This update also [...]

Rapid Reactions – Star Wars Legion Points Update

Finally, we have ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ summoned points! We aren’t just getting points, either. [...]

More Shadow Collective Reveals, and More

Today we are going to take a look at some of the new units from [...]

AMG MiniStravaganza Review

Well…. That was a lot. Atomic Mass Games delivered us over the weekend a MiniStravaganza [...]

The Road To Worlds – Part X – A Bridge Too Far

Hello Legion Gamers! Welcome back to The Road To Worlds – Part X! For those [...]

Star Wars: Legion RRG Update Summary

FFG dropped a brand new Rules Reference Guide (RRG) update today, clearing up some grey [...]

“I have altered the deal” – Changes to Competitive Play

There was a BIG update recently for competitive Star Wars: Legion players! For those of [...]

The Road to Worlds – Part V – The Dark Times

The Road to Worlds – Part V – The Dark Times Welcome back, You thought [...]

Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats

Before I start talking about the status of the mats I first want to thank [...]