Hello Fifth Trooper Nation!

Before I start talking about the status of the mats I first want to thank everyone who has placed an order! I am very excited about the response we have had so far!

Now to business… For those of you that have ordered either the Mud Planet or Salt Crystal mats I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know the status:

Legion Mat Information

  • Mats are made up of the same material as mouse pads (as some of you have asked) and will have a carry bag!
  • The shipping is estimated and I understand it is a bit expensive however these mats with box and everything are around 8 lbs. and also are in big boxes. I am hoping that with a large shipment these prices will come down and we will credit back shipping costs.
  • I have images from the supplier of the mats for you to feast your eyes on!
Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats 1
Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats 2

Production and Shipping

  • Production starts this week and will take approximately 10 Days – March 14th (roughly)
  • Because of the order size the mats will ship on a boat for around 35 Days – April 19th (roughly)
  • Customs and shipping to Fifth Trooper this will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks – May 3rd (roughly)
  • Shipping to you! This will start around the week of May 6th if everything goes well.

The Future

If this set goes well we have plans for the future! We are currently working up more designs for more exotic worlds!

I will be updating everyone as the information continues to evolve. Thanks for your support and interest!

One thought on “Designer Notes: Star Wars Legion Custom Mats

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Guys!
    Both of these mats are gorgeous, and I love the allocated card spaces. Although when I run my Vader/Palp/Double AT-ST, I’m going to see a whole lot of open red spaces out of my periphery 🙂

    Any chance you have artwork you could share for the upcoming (possibly) Scar..y Beach Planet? I’m working on building a Data Vault tower, and I sort of want to see what kind of space I’ll have to work with. The ratio of lush tropical beach to water inlets is hard to guess.

    Thanks guys !

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