Hello everyone! We’ll have an actual new article from yours truly this Friday but I wanted to draw special attention to something very neat!

Matt Bronson (Zeusjus) has been very hard at work to give us some excellent content. To help point you in the DIRECTION of that content, I’ve updated the Shatterpoint Blog Index with all his latest stuff. On the lower-right corner you’ll notice that Matt’s dice simulator has been successfully ported from its old stomping grounds, which means you can now play around with it right here on The Fifth Trooper!

Ever wondered how likely it is that Darth Vader can one-shot an ARF trooper? Pretty darn likely, though that didn’t stop me from failing to do so in my last tournament! This simulator takes a lot of variables into account, and is the only one of its kind that I know of. So, if you’re a Shatterpoint fan, please to hop over and take a look at it!

I’d like to thank Matt again, for my money he’s the sharpest mind regarding this game, so we’re lucky to have him. Also check out his YouTube page, Bombad Tactics, where he posts some great videos about the game as well.

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