This will cover my suggestions for the next Legion points update based on recent tournament data and is part of my new series Speedy Stats.

Early in January, Legion had a massive rules rework and points update. Since then, multiple large tournaments have taken place revealing the effects of the update: LVO with 143 players, and Adepticon with 114 players at the Last Chance Qualifier and 128 players at the Legion World Championship. While my State of the Legion article back in August of 2022 was well received and most of its predictions ended up playing out, that level of rigor and polishing takes time. I am starting a new series called Speedy Stats where I will use game data to support claims. Speedy Stats articles will be less data centered than the State of the Legion and have less formalized methods around interpretation. For this reason, I will mainly just focus on the clear patterns in the game data and will also use my own personal experience to interpret this data. For those of you worried, State of the Legion is not getting replaced. Speedy Stats is just meant to be another outlet for discussing data while the next State of the Legion is being developed in the background.

In this article I am going to discuss what I think should be included in the next point update and errata to help make the game more balanced. I am first going to discuss what nerfs I think are necessary, then discuss the buffs that I think are needed. I am ordering both the nerfs and buffs in order of importance starting with the most important buffs/nerfs. Only tournaments after the 2023 core rule book and points update were included in win rate calculations. Also, anytime I use (n = some number) that is standard notation for number of observations in this case number of games recorded. For example, a win rate of 52% with n=300 (wins/total games = win rate, 156 / 300 = 0.52).

If you are interested in the data used, you can find a list of included events and some raw data at the end of this blog post along with a brief description of how the numbers were generated. I want to especially thank Krzysztof Trojanowski (derrkater on Discord) for collaborating on this project and providing the raw data.


FactionWin RateN (Total Games)
Shadow Collective0.53293

Currently there are a few specific units/battle forces that are skewing the meta. Empire was both the most popular faction at the Legion 2023 World Championship and had the highest advancement rate. Most other factions (excluding Rebels) currently have one or two competitive archetypes while Empire has multiple hyper competitive options. Despite receiving nerfs and becoming less popular, the Shadow Collective still remains dominant. The nerfs to neutral upgrades have hurt the Rebels more than the Shadow Collective and the Black Sun escaped with only minor nerfs compared to Pykes. With all this in mind my suggestions for nerfs will only focus on the archetypes and units that are consistently over performing.

Dark Troopers (Increase points & remove Guardian interaction)

Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023 1

While Dark Troopers are new, they are already dominating the game. Double Dark Troopers have the highest win rate out of any army archetype. While the data clearly shows they are strong I also have recent personal experience with Double Dark Troopers. Previously I had played extensively against Dark Troopers and felt they were oppressive in game and warped the play experience. This weekend I played a Double Dark Trooper and Double Bounty army at the 48 player Battle Bear Open in Germany. I went undefeated and ended up winning the event despite this being my very first time playing Dark Troopers. During this event I played against armies such as Johannes’ Anakin Barcs which has Impact 11 and Anakin with saber throw which in theory should be a hard counter to Dark Troopers. In games where my opponent was playing a more standard army, I felt I had a significant advantage over my opponents by just having Dark Troopers in my army.

Double Dark Trooper ArmiesWin RateN
Overall Winrate0.67233
vs. Rebels0.6755
vs. Empire0.6180
vs. Republic0.7243
vs. Separatists0.7536
vs. Shadow Collective0.5819

Dark Troopers break many of the rules of Legion. They have full Armor, ignore cover, have infinite courage, activate twice, and have massive offensive dice pools. Their extremely different design makes them difficult to balance. Dark Troopers do not interact with many of the usual mechanics in the game and thus can easily dominate against standard lists that are unprepared. Double Dark Troopers currently have the highest win rate out of any archetype in the game. Dark Troopers continue to dominate even with players bringing Impact and Critical en mass. I believe Dark Troopers need the biggest nerfs because they are currently warping the meta and still dominate despite this.

My suggestions for fixing Dark Troopers are first to increase the points cost of both the SM-9 Frag Launcher and the XS-IV Assault Cannon by ~5-10 points each. Second, the interaction between Guardian and Imperial Dark Troopers should be removed, Unconcerned should prevent all defensive effects including Guardian and Force Barrier. The first issue with Dark Troopers is how points efficient they are, you can have a 10-activation double bounty and double Dark Trooper army. This is just an insane amount of firepower and wounds. Adding ~10-20 points to each Dark Trooper squad would require players to be more selective in list building and reduce activations. This is not a massive nerf since the pass mechanic helps armies with fewer activations. The second nerf would help prevent the strategies that add extra wounds/protection to dark troopers. Guardian has been abused to help Dark Troopers beat even Impact heavy armies.

Blizzard Force (Increase HRU’s points & remove Op Vader)

Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023 2
Blizzard Force ArmiesWin RateN
Overall Winrate0.62426
vs. Rebels0.7292
vs. Empire0.57163
vs. Republic0.6091
vs. Separatists0.7149
vs. Shadow Collective0.5531

The second current boogey man is Blizzard Force. The win rate of Blizzard force is only beat by double Dark Troopers. Blizzard Force has already been discussed in depth and characterized as an issue back in August of 2022 in the first State of the Legion, so I will not talk about why it is an issue here. You can find discussions about blizzard force in any of these articles.

Blizzard Force ArmiesWin RateN
Without Operative Vader0.49167
With Operative Vader0.69293

I have again two suggestions for balancing Blizzard Force. First increase the cost of Heavy Response Units by at least 10 points, second remove Operative Vader from the battle force. The Heavy Response Unit (HRU) has had the highest win rate out of any unit in the game since its release. HRUs are cheaper per model than normal Storm Troopers. Typically, when a unit becomes cheaper the per model cost goes up. For example, Scout Troopers (12 points per model) and Scout Trooper Strike Teams (20 points per model). Operative Vader is a powerhouse in Blizzard Force. He currently has the highest win rate out of any force user. Operative Vader is mean to represent Vader before A New Hope when he was actively hunting down surviving Jedi across the galaxy. So, for both balance and flavor I think it makes sense to remove him from the battle force. If you who are worried these suggestions are too harsh, see my recommendations for buffs on E-Webs. The buffs to E-Webs I suggest later in this article should help Blizzard Force and make the Battle Force less reliant on broken units like the HRU.

Black Suns (Increase unit, and Vigo upgrade cost)

Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023 3

When looking at the win rate break downs above you will notice Shadow Collective is the only faction that can consistently stand up to Dark Troopers and Blizzard Force. Shadow Collective, despite receiving nerfs in the last update, is still dominant. I wanted to try and identify which units were giving Shadow Collective its dominance.

Shadow Collective ArmiesWin RateN
With 0 Black Sun Enforcers0.4062
With 1 or more Black Sun Enforcers0.56239

Those of you who watched Lyla Clair play at worlds will not be surprised by the table shown above. Black Sun Enforcers dodged nerfs by sitting in the shadows of the Pykes. Now that Pykes are in a more balanced state the Black Sun Enforcers have started to gain traction. Lyla Clair showed just how devastating Black Sun Enforcers still are. I believe the Black Sun need points increases to both the base unit (~2 points increase) and the Black Sun Vigo upgrade (~5 points increase). At the moment the Black Suns are too points efficient for the amount of firepower and health they bring. Increasing the Vigo upgrade makes it so more players will need to bring a Vigo commander for courage. The Vigo’s are only 4 health and vulnerable to bounty hunters and pierce. Encouraging players to bring the vulnerable Vigo unit would help bring Black Sun back in line with the rest of the game.

Boba Fett: Infamous Bounty Hunter (Increase points, or remove Rebel Boba cards)

Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023 4

Boba Fett: Infamous Bounty Hunter (Empire Boba) has the highest win rate out of all non-battle force units in the Empire (55% with 449 games). Before the release of Boba Fett: The Old and Wise (Rebel Boba), Empire Boba was already one of the best units in the faction. The extra cards from Rebel Boba just set him over the top, improving an already strong unit. I don’t think Empire Boba needs any major changes a ~5 or so point increase or removing access to Rebel Boba’s cards would help put him back in line with the rest of the bounty hunters. At the moment every double bounty army is Boba plus whatever other bounty hunter you want. Bringing Boba to a similar power level as the rest of the bounty hunters would add more variety to Imperial armies.


For buffs I am mainly going to focus on units with low win rates and units which are rarely played. Some units have very few games played since the community consensus is they are not competitively viable. There are more buffs I am proposing so I will not go into as much detail about each buff suggestion.


UnitWin RateNSuggested Buffs
Wookiee Warriors Kashyyyk Resistance0.3222Drop points
Luke Skywalker Hero of the Rebellion0.3653Drop points and add command slot
AT-RT0.37242Drop points
Mandalorian Resistance Clan Wren0.3977Drop points
Jyn Erso Stardust0.4048Drop points
Wookiee Warriors0.40164Drop points
Leia Organa Fearless and Inventive0.42185Drop points
Rebel Troopers0.42362Drop heavy weapons points

While Rebels had no changes to their units’ points in the last update, they suffered heavily due to the changes to abilities like Deflect, and Scale, and the neutral upgrade points increases. These changes disproportionately hurt Rebel armies. Rebels have the overall lowest win rate out of all factions which is why I suggest the most buffs to the faction.

The unit that I think needs the most help is Commander Luke. He is an Iconic character and is fun to play but at this moment he simply does not do enough for his cost. I suggest a ~10 point reduction in his cost as well as adding a command upgrade slot to help differentiate him from Operative Luke. I don’t think Luke needs a rework like Vader since his kit is already interesting but he needs his points cost reduced so he is more in line with other competitive force users.

The Rebel Troopers and Wookiees were both hurt by the neutral upgrade changes and the changes to Scale. In particular I think the heavy weapon options for the Rebel Troopers should be reduced in cost since historically they have relied on Rebel Captains to be competitive. Because they are the base corps trooper and the backbone of the Rebel faction, I think they should be viable with just a heavy weapon. I think the heavy weapons could all have a ~3 point reduction with only a 2 point reduction to the DLT.

The remainder of the units on this list have been underperforming for some time now and could use some cost reductions to make them fit in competitive Rebel lists. Mandalorians are such iconic units, so it would be awesome if they were competitively viable. In particular I think Clan Wren could get the Inferno Squad treatment and have its cost significantly reduced. You can only play one copy of Clan Wren in an army, and they need to be run alongside Sabine for full value, so making them dirt cheap is not overly risky.


UnitWin RateNSuggested Buffs
Droidekas0.2973Drop points or add surge to crit
General Grievous Sinister Cyborg0.3781Drop points

The Separatists are currently in a good spot balance wise and historically have had the best internal balance out of all the factions. There are two units in particular that have struggled since their release. Droidekas need their points reduced or need surge to critical to increase their offensive potency. Droidekas die quickly to focus fire and do not have much offensive firepower. Surge to critical would help them be more threatening and give them increased effectiveness against cover and vehicles. The Droidekas currently have the lowest win rate in the game. The second change I propose is to General Grievous. Simply put Grievous is not a force user and not a support commander so his only real use is as a melee beat stick. At his current cost he is too expensive for this role and I think Grievous could have a ~10 point reduction in cost to help him fit into more armies.


UnitWin RateNSuggested Buffs
Wookiee Warriors Kashyyyk Resistance0.3222Drop points
AT-RT0.37242Drop points
Clone Captain Rex Honorable Soldier0.38131Drop points
Wookiee Warriors0.40164Drop points
Infantry Support Platform0.4243Drop points

The Republic has some highly competitive army options but has worse internal balance than the Separatists. The Infantry Support Platform could use a points reduction along with the AT-RT and Wookiees. The Infantry Support Platform and AT-RT have had a difficult time finding their way into competitive armies since their release, and the Republic Wookiees suffered from the Scale and neutral upgrade nerfs just like the Rebel Wookiees. Captain Rex could also use a ~10 point reduction in cost. He was given multiple nerfs because of the dominance of Rex Clone gunlines (Rexstar). These nerfs have made him much less viable than other Commanders in the Republic. Currently the Republic is reliant on Jedi and some reductions in cost to Rex and Wookiees might help make non Jedi lists more viable.

Republic ArmiesWin RateN
With one or more Jedi0.51442
Without a Jedi0.41174


UnitWin RateNSuggested Buffs
Din Djarin The Mandalorian0.44245Reduce points, reduce Beskar Spear points

At the moment all the bounty hunters are competitively viable beside Din Djarin. The Mandalorian has issues similar to Grievous, he is just a melee beat stick and does not bring much utility. I think a ~5 point reduction to Din Djarin and a ~7 point reduction to the Beskar Spear would make him a more compelling option alongside the other bounty hunters. While Din Djarin is not in as bad of a place as many of the other units on this list, I think this is an easy change to make and would make The Mandalorian more viable.


UnitWin RateNSuggested Buffs
E-Web Heavy Blaster Team0.3172Give Longshot 1
General Veers Master Tactician0.40177Reduce points
Director Orson Krennic Architect of Terror0.41116Reduce points

While the Empire is currently the strongest faction in the game, they still have still units that could use buffs. The E-Web Heavy Blaster Team has not seen any real competitive success since its release. The unit has some core issues so I suggest giving the unit Longshot 1 to extend its range. Giving the FD-Cannon range 5 helped it find competitive success and I think a similar change would drastically help the E-Web. The non-generic support commanders in the Empire have also been struggling. Veers and Krennic cannot compete with the cost efficiency of the Imperial Officer. I think both Krennic and Veers could use a ~5 point or more decrease to help them find a place in Imperial armies.


Overall, I think the most important changes are the 4 nerfs and the buffs to the Rebels I discussed. I think if these overpowered archetypes are fixed and the Rebels are given some help the game could be in a really good place. Are there any units you think I missed? Let me know in the comments! I hope you found this article informative, and I look forward to an upcoming balance update. If you enjoyed this article I would encourage you to consider subscribing to our patreon. All of our articles are made possible by your continued support!



Tournaments after the 2023 points update and core rule book release were used in this article. Mirror matches were removed from all win rate calculations, and games with missing list information were excluded from the analysis. Number of unique players was calculated based on unique gamuplink profile IDs associated with each unit. All raw data was collected and processed by Krzysztof Trojanowski (derrkater).

Tournaments included in analysis:



1Stormtroopers Heavy Response Unit0.62263427103
2Super Tactical Droid Kraken0.61355716
3Imperial Officer Ruthless Commander0.61455746203
4NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid0.61284611
5Imperial Dark Troopers0.60229379107
6Darth Vader The Emperor’s Apprentice0.60259434109
7Scout Troopers0.6010617846
8R2-D2 Independent Astromech0.59477923
974-Z Speeder Bikes0.58335573161
10Black Sun Enforcers0.5717730881
12Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft0.56223911
13Moff Gideon0.5614125070
14Maul A Rival0.569717245
15A-A5 Speeder Truck0.5513223966
16Boba Fett Infamous Bounty Hunter0.55245449119
17Pyke Syndicate Capo0.5416330477
18Anakin Skywalker The Chosen One0.5319336394
19Padme Amidala Spirited Senator0.537514239
20Emperor Palpatine Ruler of the Galactic Empire0.52438219
22STAP Riders0.526412331
23DF-90 Mortar Trooper0.51248483137
24X-34 Landspeeder0.51326316
25IG-88 Notorious Assassin Droid0.5112023761
26Obi-Wan Kenobi Civilized Warrior0.51499727
27IG-100 MagnaGuard0.5016432591
28BARC Speeder0.50192381103
29B2 Super Battle Droids0.508817547
30Boba Fett The Old and Wise0.5010019942
32BX-Series Droid Commandos Strike Team0.50397824
33LAAT Patrol Transport0.50418222
34Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers0.50220441118
35Super Tactical Droid Kalani0.5010020157
36Asajj Ventress Separatist Assassin0.507414950
37K-2SO Sardonic Security Droid0.507014139
38Imperial Special Forces Inferno Squad0.499819855
39R2-D2 Hero of a Thousand Devices0.49469326
40Chewbacca Hero of Kashyyyk0.49448924
41Clone Commander Trained For Leadership0.4916333196
42Wookiee Warriors Kashyyyk Defenders0.49255115
43Mandalorian Resistance0.49234715
44Imperial Death Troopers0.4913627882
45B1 Battle Droids0.49274561164
46T-Series Tactical Droid Programmed For Strategy0.4910321163
47Phase II Clone Troopers0.49206423119
48Cassian Andor Capable Intelligence Agent0.498116746
49Agent Kallus Hunter of Spectres0.48326621
50Cad Bane Needs No Introduction0.489820356
51Phase I Clone Troopers0.48277574166
52Imperial Royal Guards0.489118952
531.4 FD Laser Cannon Team0.4811824769
54ARC Troopers Strike Team0.4715632984
55Yoda Grand Master of the Jedi Order0.476313332
56Rebel Commandos0.47265513
57Scout Troopers Strike Team0.4715132099
58Count Dooku Darth Tyranus0.475812337
59Rebel Commandos Strike Team0.479620558
60DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid0.476614142
61Bossk Trandoshan Terror0.4711624973
62ARC Troopers0.465912737
63Han Solo Unorthodox General0.466714540
64Occupier Combat Assault Tank0.46245213
65Iden Versio Inferno Squad Leader0.469119854
66Wookiee Chieftain Clan Leader0.46173711
67Fleet Troopers0.465812743
68IG-11 Nurse and Protect0.46214614
70Rebel Pathfinders0.45204415
71AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank0.455812838
72Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith0.455812935
73Dewback Rider0.457717251
74Clone Commander Cody Leader of the 212th0.454610333
75Chewbacca Walking Carpet0.448118346
76BX-Series Droid Commandos0.44184111
77Din Djarin The Mandalorian0.4410724573
78Tauntaun Riders0.446414738
79Maul Impatient Apprentice0.43439928
80Gar Saxon0.43399025
81Sabine Wren Explosive Artist0.435011635
82Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper0.43220512135
83Lando Calrissian Smooth Operator0.43204715
84Swoop Bike Riders0.43409427
85Black Sun Vigo0.43174013
86T-47 Airspeeder0.427818456
87Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight0.424811429
88Infantry Support Platform0.42184313
89Rebel Veterans0.42224536143
90Rebel Troopers0.42151362101
91Leia Organa Fearless and Inventive0.427718546
92Mandalorian Super Commandos0.41399429
93Rebel Officer Resolute Commander0.4113432889
94DRK-1 Sith Probe Droids0.41266418
95Director Orson Krennic Architect of Terror0.414711636
96Wookiee Warriors0.406616448
97General Veers Master Tactician0.407117752
98TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank0.40184515
99Super Tactical Droid0.4010258
100Jyn Erso Stardust0.40194816
101Mandalorian Resistance Clan Wren0.39307724
102Clone Captain Rex Honorable Soldier0.385013136
103General Grievous Sinister Cyborg0.37308122
105Imperial Special Forces0.36339126
106Luke Skywalker Hero of the Rebellion0.36195316
107Wookiee Warriors Kashyyyk Resistance0.327227
108E-Web Heavy Blaster Team0.31227220

10 thoughts on “Speedy Stats: Points and Errata Wishlist May 2023

  1. Juan says:

    As a rebel player I have to say that many CCs aged poorly along the years …. Han’s cost as 100 is too much for what it brings ( same case of Lando), for Han’s CCs PIP 2 and 3 deserve a rework ( almost no one uses the pip 2 and the 3 is worst than a generic card if you miss a bit the timing ) .

    I can say the same to Jyn erso’s command cards that should receive permanent on her pip 1 and pip 3 stop units that received order from the card to panic during the whole round.

    Chewie same thing with all his CCs ( pip 2 looks like will receive a bit of love with new bf , all the others will have trouble)

    Overall rebel vehicles receiving points cost drop and this is it.

    ( SA cost rise end up damaging more the rebellion than even … can’t believe that pykes continue not costing as much as rebel veterans )

  2. Sam Harris says:

    As Rex has been hit by a few nerfs, would rewinding these be a better solution than also dropping his points. Reverting Take That Clankers! to its original text is unlikely to be as oppressive as it was, with all the changes to clone token-sharing. It would even give a slight bump to ARCs (with their built-in Aim generation) who could also use some love.

    • Lucas (Teknofobia) Ustick says:

      I don’t know if the old version of Take That Clankers would be an issue now, but if that card is reverted I think his cost would need to end up around 95-100 points. Regardless I think Rex could use some help now!

      • Sam says:

        Another option would be to drop the cost of the JT-12 Jetpacks by 5pts (making it free for Rex, but still needing a Gear slot). Again, it’d also nudge up the ARCs a little at the same time.

  3. Emperor Atlantis (Lucas) says:

    I love this analysis.
    I couldn’t say I disagree with the suggested nerfs and buffs on this list. I really like the mechanic change suggestion on the E-web. Although AMG said they are only gonna do points and not errata (unfortunatly).

    The droidika buff seems like the most obvious choice for me out of all of them: they are featured in both of the core box and battleforce box of CIS, are iconic and also the worst performing unit on the list posted above. If they don’t get a buff after years of being garbage (even more these days with everything having heavy cover) would be quite unfair against this unit.

  4. Daniel Gillette says:

    Even this list completely forgets that Kallus exists.

    Also, eweb is so bad it should just get native range four.

    • Lucas (Teknofobia) Ustick says:

      Kallus is definitely not as competitive as some other units like Dark Troopers, but he is currently sitting at a 48% win rate which isn’t bad compared to the other units I focused on. I have played quite a bit of Kallus and while he could use some help he is not in nearly as bad of a place as the other units on this list. Krennic and Veers have no real place in competitive lists while Kallus has some utility. I mainly focused on the units that need the most help.

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